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Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Play the Not-So-Newlywed Game: Holiday Edition (Exclusive)

Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks attend the 2016 Christmas at Rockefeller Center in New York City.
Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks attend the 2016 Christmas at Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting in New York City.Peter Kramer/NBC via Getty Images

Ready, set, go! Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood played a holiday edition of the Not-So-Newlywed Game exclusively with Us Weekly. They were quizzed separately to test how well they know each other. Read the interview below!

Us: What were the first Christmas presents you bought for each other?
GB: I don’t know!
TY: Oh no, I don’t remember! He usually gets me an amazing purse. He’s actually pretty good at picking them out and I always buy him the Life Is Good shirts. He wears them all the time. I also get him framed pictures of his kids or of us. We try to get each other things that you wouldn’t go out and buy yourself.

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Us: What would you say is each other’s favorite holiday meal?
GB: Her favorite holiday is actually turning into Halloween, but her favorite holiday meal is for sure the turkey on Thanksgiving. Mine is for sure the mashed potatoes.
TY: He’s gonna say it’s anything that I make, but it’s really mashed potatoes. He loves him some buttered mashed potatoes. He would honestly eat them for every meal.

Us: What are your guilty pleasure dance songs?
GB: For her, it’s anything Prince and recently Bruno Mars. For me, it’s anything Michael Jackson. I’m not too much of a dancer, but when I hear that, ‘Hey, pretty baby, with the high heels on,’ I just start to do what I call dancing. But for cranking it loud in the house, it’s Queen.
TY: For me, anything Bruno Mars. “24K Magic” gets me right out of my seat. For him, anything Queen. He doesn’t break it down too often, but he loves some Queen.

Us: Who’s more likely to cry in a movie?
GB: Oh, jeez. It is for sure me. I get emotional!
TY: He is! For sure him. He’ll cry during action-adventure movies, even though they’re not that sad. But he also cries at commercials!

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Us: Who’s more of a pushover with the kids?
GB: She is. Every family has to have a disciplinarian for the family and, unfortunately, that is me.
TY: He’s a pushover for the kids.

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood perform during the the 94th annual National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Washington, DC.
Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood perform during the the 94th annual National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Washington, D.C. Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Us: Who can sing more rap songs?
GB: She can! For sure, no question. I don’t know hardly any, and she can rap them all.
TY: For sure me. I am the bigger hip-hop fan of the household.

Us: Who’s a better driver?
GB: Me! Here’s the deal: In driving school, they teach you to leave one car length for every 10 mph. She misheard that and she just stays one car length no matter what the speed, so she goes 80 mph with one car length. So, if you live where we do and someone is tailgating you, going 80 mph, it may just be Trish.
TY: It’s definitely me. He’s slow!

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Us: What are your least favorite chores?
GB: She hates washing dishes. She’s great at messing up a kitchen, but doesn’t like cleaning it up. I do actually kind of like to do laundry.
TY: My favorite is cleaning the kitchen, dishes, doing the counters. I just love a clean kitchen. My least favorite is laundry, so he does all of that. He doesn’t have one he doesn’t like to do. He’s weird. He actually enjoys chores around the house. It works out well. He does the laundry, I do the dishes.

Us: Who would be your ideal dinner guests, living or dead?
GB: My mom [Colleen Carroll]. She was an artist on Capitol Records. I think [Trisha] would say Elvis. She is pretty obsessed with Elvis. For living, I think both of us would pick James Taylor. He’s one of the coolest hangs on the planet.
TY: Linda Ronstadt for me. I’m just her biggest fan and love everything she’s ever done.

Us: What is Christmas morning going to look like this year?
GB: We’re doing shows right up until Christmas and some of the last ones are in Nashville, so we’re going to do some pre-Christmas celebrations with our family out there. I think for the first time this year Trish and and I will be sleeping in all day! We have been running ourselves pretty hard and we’re looking forward to it. I’m sure Trish will be cooking up one of her holiday recipes that afternoon.
TY: We are doing the family stuff before and after the actual day, so honestly it will be spent sleeping and some more sleeping.

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