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Girl Pays Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath to Break Up With Her Boyfriend for Her Via Cameo

Someone Paid Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath Break Up With Their Boyfriend
Mark McGrath during an appearance at Flamingo Hotel & Casino’s Pool Dayclub on July 20, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. AJM/PA Images/

“Off the charts, but always in your hearts.” Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath knows his band may not be at the top of the charts, but a bizarre request just made the singer go viral.

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A fan named Cheyenne apparently paid the Sugar Ray frontman, 51, through the Cameo app to dump her boyfriend, Brayden, for her. In a video tweeted by @slasherdaysaint on Monday, November 25, McGrath started off with a smile, then got ready to break the tough news.

“This is a little difficult for me to say because it’s the first one of these I’ve done,” the singer said. “She wants you to know that you mean a lot to her — you mean the world to her. But she’s having difficulty staying in this long-distance relationship.”

As he continued, the “When It’s Over” singer tried to soften the blow, admitting that he can relate to the challenges of keeping a long-distance relationship strong because of his experience as a married man on tour.

McGrath attempted to make the message as positive as possible, reassuring poor Brayden that Cheyenne would still love to be friends. “You never know what the future may hold!” the singer exclaimed.

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Wrapping up the harsh news, McGrath wished Brayden good luck on his thesis and tossed in a joke at Cheyenne’s expense. “Probably not the best timing, Cheyenne!” But to ease the pain of Brayden’s newly broken heart, he added, “Hopefully I can see you backstage and give you a high-five someday, dude.”

The hilarious (and slightly cringe-worthy) video quickly sent Twitter into a frenzy. “Mark McGrath being paid to break up a relationship via Cameo shoutout making a late push for best film of the decade,” one user wrote. Another tweeted, “I honestly couldn’t even be mad if I got dumped by f–king Mark McGrath, that’s so funny.”

Someone Paid Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath Break Up With Their Boyfriend
Mark McGrath during a Cameo video, where he was paid to break-up with someone’s boyfriend. Courtesy Mark McGrath/Cameo

All in all, the “Every Morning” singer did his best to make Brayden’s split from Cheyenne go down easy — and could have even found himself a regular side-hustle.

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“From now on, I only want my important personal news to be delivered via Mark McGrath Cameo videos,” one person tweeted.

Cameo’s rep tells Us Weekly that the former TV host will be available for $50 on Friday, November 29, for the first 50 fans who want to reach him.

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