Harrison Ford Ends His Feud With Chewbacca on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Wookiee love! Harrison Ford and his furry old friend Chewbacca ended their ongoing feud on the Monday, Nov. 23, episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but there was some drama.

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The Star Wars standouts have dealt with their fair share of betrayal over the last few years, including an apparent feud that was sparked by an unspecified cheating incident. “I really don’t know what happened,” Kimmel told his audience on Monday. “I know it involved an affair of some kind and I know it involved a woman. And since then, I’ve been trying to get them . . .”

Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

After hearing sirens, the late-night show host then ran out of his studio, and witnessed Chewbacca standing on the ledge of a building  ready to jump to his death. Kimmel, 48, called up to the fuzzy Wookiee in hopes that he would change his mind and step down from the steep building, though his effort was rather unsuccessful.

Celebrity Feuds: The Biggest Ever!

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Then, Harrison Ford  who has played Han Solo in the first three original Star Wars movies and reprises the role in the upcoming Episode VII: The Force Awakens  appeared alongside Kimmel and yanked the speaker away from the show host. 

“Shut your Wookiee grunt hole, will ya?” yelled Ford, 73. “Don’t give me that! You made a choice. She was my wife! . . . Go ahead, do us a favor. Jump!”

Kimmel urges Ford to think of all the good times the two old pals have shared, which includes Adele’s “Hello.”

See if Ford changes Chewbacca’s mind in the video above!

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