Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Random People With Fake Hillary Clinton Campaign Logos: Hilarious Video

Jimmy Kimmel Asks People What They Think of Hillary Clinton's Campaign
Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets to ask people what they thought about Hillary Clinton's new (fake!) presidential campaign logo -- watch! 

Fake out! Jimmy Kimmel pulled another funny prank this week, asking random people on the street what they thought of Hillary Clinton‘s buzzed-about new presidential campaign logo — only the ones shown were fake.

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Clinton’s official campaign logo went viral this week after supporters and critics alike questioned the odd formation of the letter H with an arrow pointed to the right. While some speculated that the blue and red design looked like a hospital sign, others called out the graphic as something created on MS Paint.

Hillary Clinton logo

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Naturally, Kimmel’s team saw a golden opportunity in riling up the average citizens of New York City for a hilarious video. The staffers created unofficial Hillary Clinton campaign logos, including a graphic of a devil with the words “Give ’em Hill!,” an “H” atop a marijuana leaf, and two star-spangled breasts that read, “It’s time,” and presented them to random people.

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The reactions included one young man questioning — rightfully so! — whether Clinton actually even authorized one logo, to others ranting about the political system in general.

“Yeah, good idea. President of the United States playing stupid games with people,” the man remarked. “I think honestly, from what I’ve seen in politics, it’s all a show.”

Watch the hilarious video above!

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