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Jake Owen: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Jake Owen
Jake OwenRick Diamond/Getty Images

Jake Owen, 33, fills Us in.

1. I could fish all day, catch nothing and be happy.

2. I have a twin brother named Jarrod.

3. I have a car obsession.

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4. I don’t really like wine.

5. If something is broken at my house, I’ll try to fix it myself.

6. I hate mayonnaise.

7. I love to laugh at a great joke.

8. I love to read.

9. I can draw Mickey Mouse pretty darn good.

10. I’m not a cat guy.

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11. My dad is a cancer survivor.

12. I’m an avid photographer.

13. I don’t have tonsils.

14. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but want to go.

15. I love jazz.

16. I love to surprise people but hate being surprised.

17. I’ve broken my collarbone two times.

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18. I’m a computer nerd. Always have been.

19. I wear a size 12 shoe.

20. I’m a really fast runner. I’ve never lost a footrace.

21. I was kind of a dork in high school.

22. My mom was National Watermelon Queen.

23. I’m a mama’s boy.

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24. I have 9¾ fingers. I lost part of one in a go-karting accident.

25. I hate emails and texts and I’m horrible about calling people back.

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