Jason Segel Stopped Tweeting After Heated Debate Over Burritos and Sandwiches

Jason Segel has one carb-packed reason for quitting Twitter. While the actor’s account remains open, he hasn’t tweeted in more than two years—a fact he attributes to sandwiches and burritos, of all things. 

The Sex Tape star, 34, stopped by the Late Show on Tuesday, July 15, and dished to David Letterman about his tense relationship with the social media platform. 

“Two years ago, this is when I stopped tweeting, I’ll set the scene…” Segel began. “It was 2 a.m. and I was hungry. So, I went to my kitchen, and I had a choice between a burrito and a sandwich. I chose to make a sandwich. It was delightful.”

“It was a fantastic sandwich,” the How I Met Your Mother alum continued. “So I innocently tweeted, ‘Sandwiches are more diverse than burritos.’ For the next like, day and a half, it was a firestorm of debate. ‘You’re an idiot!’ ‘You don’t know about burritos!’ And I said, ‘I do know about burritos, if they get too diverse, they’re a wrap!'” 

jason segel on letterman

Segel’s exact words at the time on Twitter were: “Burritos are all very similar. They taste the same. They are not like sandwiches… Dudes. Trust me, I know the difference between Burritos. And they are awesome, but I’m talking about the best SANDWICHES… Burritos are awesome guys. Chill out. I love them. I made one tonight… Ok. Burrito lovers. I made a giant delicious burrito. Get off my back. It’s still not as good as a sandwich. Sorry.”

The This is 40 star continued his culinary conversation with Letterman, 67, outlining his five favorite sandwiches and why each made the list. Some of his picks included the classic BLT, a Reuben, and a simple grilled cheese sandwich. 

In a chat that clearly went far off-topic from promoting Sex Tape, Segel and Letterman also voiced their opinions on club sandwiches, Taco Bell, and why tortilla chips are a “rookie mistake.” Watch the hilarious video above!

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