Jason Statham Disses Kim Kardashian

 Ethan Miller/WireImage.com; Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Jason Statham is an actor who has appeared in a number of films including Killer Elite, The Expendables and upcoming flick Safe. He’s also the boyfriend of gorgeous model/actress Rosie Huntington-Whitely, who is 10 years younger than him.

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But one thing he is not: Jason Statham, the brand.

“F-ck no,” the British actor tells Details, when asked if he considers himself a brand. “F-ck ’em. Kim Kardashian‘s a brand.”

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The 44-year-old star is not the only male in Hollywood to take a dig at the reality TV star recently. Jon Hamm also had some choice words for Kardashian and Paris Hilton in his new interview with ELLE UK.

“Whether it’s Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated. Being a f-cking idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you’re rewarded significantly,” the Mad Men actor told the magazine.

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Once his words picked up traction, Kardashian fired back a response, saying that “calling someone who runs their own businesses, is a part of a successful TV show, produces, writes, designs, and creates, ‘stupid,’ is in my opinion careless.”

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