Jenelle Evans Arrested Again: Teen Mom 2 Star “Didn’t Realize” She Had Court Date

Jenelle Evans smiles in new mugshot after being arrested on May 20 for failing to appear in court. Splash News

Jenelle Evans' arrest on Monday, May 20 was just a big misunderstanding. The Teen Mom 2 star wrote a new blog post on May 21 explaining the mishap to her fans, and reassuring them that she's not currently in jail.

"My mom wanted me to go with her on her vacation to Hickory, N.C. I was going there with [son] Jace and my mom to see my older brother who lives there," Evans, 21, wrote in her post. "Now Hickory is six hours away from where we live! So my mom tells me, 'Check your court dates before we leave.' I did, and I told her all my court dates and didn't realize I had ONE, which was yesterday's court date."

Evans received a text message from her lawyer reminding her to get to court, and tried to rush back for it. "I wake up my mom and broke the news to her and let me tell you she was PISSED, LOL," the mom to 3-year-old son Jace joked. "I got yelled at the whole way back six hours home."

By the time Evans arrived to the Brunswick County District Court, however, it was too late. "Half way home to court, my lawyer calls and tell me, 'Well, they closed court early at 1 p.m. and they said they are charging you with a FTA and $1,000 secure bond.' I'm like, Are you kidding me? I'll get to court before 4 p.m. when it's REALLY over with.' And he just told me that I had to hand myself in, bond out, then they will drop my charges," she recalled. "I have no idea why in the world they did that to me to make myself end up in the media again for the wrong reasons."

Evans ended up turning herself in and posting the $1,000 bond. As shown in her smiley new mugshot, she managed to laugh off the incident.

"To you guys it looks bad and this is a big misunderstanding because no one knew the facts," she explained. "I was in [and] out of jail within about two hours. I haven't been online because I'm sick with a sore throat and a horrible running nose. So I just haven't been well enough to be so social with you guys. But I'm back, but still sick!"

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