Jimmy Fallon Preps for the Republican Debate by Taking Aim at Donald Trump (Again)



If Wednesday’s Republican presidential debate is half as entertaining as this sketch from The Tonight Show, it promises to be an interesting night.

On Tuesday, Jimmy Fallon, who welcomed Donald Trump to the show just last week, slipped back into his heavily lacquered wig for a Dating Game-inspired sketch about the debate.

Jimmy Fallon as Donald Trump

Fallon-as-Trump faced off against fellow candidates Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham in The Debating Game, hosted by a President Barack Obama impersonator.

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“Obama” explained that he was hosting because “frankly I’m over being president.”

“The bear is loose. Grey hair I don’t care,” he added. “Zero Fs given.”

He then brought out the contestant — an undecided voter named Rachel from Des Moines, Iowa — before introducing the candidates.

He said of Trump: “You know him, you hate him, but you also kind of love him.”

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After introducing the other two, he added, “Wow, these are real people who could one day run this country. Let that sink in for a moment.”
And then he kicked off the game show with the words “Let’s light this dumpster on fire.”

The first question went to Trump, who gestured to the partition separating him from Rachel. “First of all I’ve gotta say I love this wall,” he remarked. “Isn’t it a beautiful wall? It’s fantastic. I built this wall and I got Mexico to pay for it.”

Asked if he was going to answer Rachel’s question, he paused and then emphatically declared “No!”

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Next came a question for Jeb Bush (played by Tonight Show announcer Steve Higgins). He was asked if he had any siblings. “Me? No. I’m an only child.”

Trump was later asked how he plans to address gender bias and fight for women’s issues.

“I love women. I cherish women. I’ve married billions and billions of women,” he said as the audience laughed. “I think they’re fantastic. Gender wise I’d easily put them in the top two, maybe three. They’re great. Great gender.”

When asked if he’d like to add anything more specific, he added: “Boobs.”

Then Rachel was asked to make her choice. “I’m not sure why, and it goes against every rational thought in my head, but I’m going to go with candidate no. 1,” she said, picking Trump.

“This is the greatest decision you’ve made in your whole life,” he told her before he and Obama began dancing, of course, to Silento‘s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).”

The second Republican presidential debate, featuring Trump and Bush, airs on CNN at 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

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