Justin Bieber’s Relationship With Parents Remains ‘Switched’: ‘I’m a Lot Closer to My Dad Than I Am to My Mom’

Jeremy Bieber, Justin Bieber and Pattie Lynn Mallete
Jeremy Bieber, Justin Bieber and Pattie Lynn Mallete attend the premiere for "Never Say Never" in 2011 

Not a momma’s boy anymore. In his new GQ cover story, Justin Bieber shared the latest on his once-close relationship with his mom, Pattie Mallette.

According to the pop superstar, 21, not much has changed since last fall, when he first revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that their communication was “pretty nonexisting.” His relationships with his mom, Mallette, and his dad, Jeremy Bieber, still remain “switched,” he told GQ in his new cover story.

“I’m a lot closer to my dad than I am to my mom,” he explained, adding that he “doesn’t see her as much as I’d like to.” Currently, his dad lives in Ontario and his mom has settled down in Hawaii.

Bieber’s close bond with Mallette was detailed in his smash 2011 documentary, Never Say Never. At age 17, Mallette gave birth to the future singing sensation and raised him on her own in a low-income household. When the star was 13, his future agent, Scooter Braun, discovered him in a video — and the rest is history. However, fame took its toll on the family.

“You don’t need them as much,” Bieber — whose relationship his mom waned during his 2014 troubles — told GQ of parents. “And for them, it’s like, you were all they had. Not all, but they were so invested in you.”

Eric Ray Davidson

“And then one day you’re just gone,” Bieber said. “And you’re doing your own thing, and you don’t need them, and you don’t value their opinion the same, either.”

According to Biebs, there’s only one relationship that’s a constant in life, and it’s with God. “I’ve had people that burned me so many times. If we invest everything we have in a human, we’re gonna get broken,” he shared. “I feel like that’s why I have a relationship with Him, because I need it. I suck by myself. Like, when I’m by myself and I feel like I have nothing to lean on? Terrible. Terrible person.”

The star said he’s moving past the negativity, because dwelling in bad thoughts is “exactly what the Devil wants. “He wants us to not be happy,” Bieber told GQ. “He wants us to, you know, not live the life that we can truly live.”

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