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Katey Sagal: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me (I Was Escorted Out of a Beatles Concert When I Was 11!) (Exclusive)

Katey Sagal 25 Things
Katey SagalMonica Schipper/

Oh baby! Katey Sagal proves nobody puts her in the corner with 25 things you might not know about her. The 63-year-old actress stars in ABC’s Dirty Dancing, airing Wednesday, May 24, at 8 p.m. ET.

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1. The biggest misconception about me is that I’m bigger than life. I’m actually quite shy and private.

2. My pet peeves are people who tailgate and people throwing cigarettes out their car window. I tend to chase them down.

3. I like to knit and do needlepoint, but I very rarely finish anything.

4. When I was a kid, George Harrison was my favorite Beatle. I got so hysterical at a concert the police had to escort me home. I was 11.

5. I have little tolerance for indecisiveness.

6. I used to sing with Etta James. We opened for The Rolling Stones.

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7. I had a daughter, Esmé, via surrogate when I was 50.

8. I have a band. I play guitar, bongos, tambourine and my new favorite, a güiro.

9. I have several tattoos — half sleeves.

10. Since I stopped drinking 30 years ago, I don’t often ride motorcycles, except for sometimes with my husband Kurt on the back on his bagger.

11. I love to watch home improvement shows. My faves are Fixer Upper and Salvage Dawgs.

12. I am most proud to be my three kids’ mom. It’s my biggest accomplishment.

13. I went to California Institute of the Arts for half a semester before dropping out. Paul Reubens and David Hasselhoff were my classmates.

14. I truly sang for my supper. I was a singing waitress and got my first record deal doing that job.

15. I eat almost the same thing everyday. I’m trying to branch out, but it’s hard.

16. I wish I could paint. I’ve bought all the stuff, but it just stares at me.

17. I meditate.

18. I like to drive. I find solace in my car, probably because I grew up in L.A.

19. My new favorite exercise is a barre class called Physique 57. It kicks my ass, and raises it up!

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20. I would never skydive. It just sounds crazy to me.

21. I’m a bit of a hypochondriac. I go to the doctor a lot. It soothes my anxiety.

22. I am obsessed with Marsèll shoes. They are stupid expensive. I have to keep working to walk in them.

23. I have four dogs: two chocolate labs, a labradoodle and a little scruffy rescue. He’s the leader of the pack.

24. I’m really sensitive to loud noise and bright light. I like dim light unless I’m on stage playing with a band.

25. I live in a grateful way. Even on days when I can’t find it as easily, I eventually end up in a grace-filled place.
Life is short. I’m all in.

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