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Kellyanne Conway: My Kids Are Having ‘the Hardest Time,’ ‘Struggling’ With My New Job

Family matters! Kellyanne Conway revealed the one thing that would make her leave her job as counselor to President Donald Trump — her children.

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The former Trump campaign manager, 50, said the changes in her life haven’t been easy on her four kids, who live in New Jersey while Conway works in Washington, D.C. “They’re having the hardest time with this,” Conway told CBS Sunday Morning. “They’re great kids, but they’re really the worst ages for a mom to be here and away from them: 12, 12, 8 and 7.” Watch what else she had to say in the clip above.

Conway shares 12-year-old twins George and Claudia with her lawyer husband, George T. Conway III. The private couple have yet to publicly mention their two other children’s names in an interview.

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The round-the-clock Secret Service officers who accompany Conway make the kids even more nervous. “And 24/7 Secret Service protection is tough for them. It’s tough for them to think about when I’m away from them and why does she have that,” she continued. “This is all new for us. This is not something I sought. I’m not a famous person on TV. They’re struggling, because it’s just different to not have a mom there as much as they’re used to, even though I’ve always worked. This is an entirely different level.”

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Conway — currently the highest-ranking woman on Trump’s White House staff — also discussed why she won’t run for office herself. “It’s not just the fire in your belly anymore. You have to have the bile in your throat. I think that’s why many women do not run for office,” she said, clarifying that politicians need bile “just to swallow so much [because] the country looks at you through this negative lens and corruption and cronyism, and you’re lying and you want money and you’re motivated by power.”

The full interview airs on CBS Sunday Morning on Sunday, March 5, at 9 a.m. ET. 

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