Keltie Colleen’s Top 5 Celebrity Moments From 2012

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Keltie Colleen 

2013 is going to be Keltie Colleen's year!

The Insider correspondent, who hosted our Emmy "Live From The Red Carpet" earlier this year, will be busier than ever come January. 

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"You can visit me on your computer everyday and then check in with me again at night on CBS," she tells Us Weekly of working double duty. "It gives me the chance to rate everything celebrity based, on my favorite rating scale "1 to Adam Levine shirtless."

Through The Insider, Keltie has had some crazy run-ins with celebrities in the past year and she shared her top five moments from 2012 with

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1.  Interviewing Taylor Swift at the American Music Awards

"Most people don't know this but when I was a dancer, I performed with Taylor at the MTV Awards, it was so cool to see her again on the carpet," Keltie shared. "Plus, I had on a gold dress, and so did she, so I knew I was right on point with my fashion!"

2. Meeting Miley's haircut at the MTV Awards

"The Internet was going CRAZY about Miley's haircut," the former Rockette remembered. "And I was the only person I knew who loved it. I was so happy to chat with Miley, and she was laughing because I was more interested in talking to her sister Brandi, who had just started this band Frank + Derol, that I am obsessed with! Miley looked amazing, and I still love her haircut."

3. Attending the Twilight Premiere with Christina Perri

"The Insider sent me armed with a flip-cam to follow Christina during her entire Twilight premiere moment. It was crazy hearing people shouting her name, and it was magical to hear the song she wrote for Bella and Edward's wedding in the movie. (Did you know she actually has a Twilight tattoo? She's definitely the ultimate Twi-hard.)"

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4. Singing a duet with Stevie Wonder

"Backstage at the American Music Awards, it was somber after Stevie had performed a tribute to the late Dick Clark. I wanted to change to mood so I asked him to sing a duet with me. He told me that with some 'auto-tune' we could record. Totally a career, and #fangirl highlight!"

5. Learning the Choreography from Pink's "Try" Video

"I went into the studio with Colt Prattes (AKA the hottie from Pink's "Try" video) and tried learning all the steps. It was a riot, and proof that Pink is not only cooler than me, but even a better dancer! Pink told me she saw the piece on TV, and gave me major props!"

And more fun moments with Keltie can be expected on her new show.

"[My executive producer] is always telling me to stay a little crazy, and not conform to what everyone else is doing and wearing!," Keltie explains. "It's definitely going to be fresh!"

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