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Khloe Kardashian Dragged for Telling Fan It’s ‘Cute’ She Works Extra Hours to Afford Good American Jeans

Khloe KardashianMichael Simon/

Denim disaster! Khloé Kardashian is taking heat for her response to a fan who works extra hard to shell out cash for Good American jeans.

“So I realized I have to work 20 hours in order to afford @khloekardashian jeans…and I’m in love with them,” the Kardashian devotee tweeted on Friday, March 15. “Catch me picking up extra shifts.”

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The Revenge Body host, 34, replied on Saturday, March 16: “Awwwww this is so cute!!!!! I’m so happy you enjoy them.”

However, many fans took issue with the reality star’s word choice. “Not to sound like a hater but this actually upsets me!! Someone had to work a stupid amount of hours to afford ONE pair of jeans,” a Kardashian critic tweeted later on Saturday. “A millionaire thinks it’s ‘cute’ that ppl have to calculate & think how many hours they have to work to afford little things.”

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Another user replied to the Strong Looks Better Naked author with an infamous throwback photo of Paris Hilton wearing a tank top with the phrase, “Stop being poor.”

Other tweeters poked fun at the situation by coming up with memes. “Fan: I had to work 85 hours this week and take out a second mortgage on my house in order to afford a single pant let from your new jean collection. Khloe Kardashian: omg awwww aren’t you just the cutest! Enjoy them queen!” one user teased on Monday, March 18. Added another: “Khloe I love your jeans I had to donate my kidney to afford them! Khloe: aweeeeee.”

Although the E! personality has yet to chime in, many fans came to her defense. “[In my opinion] Khloe was clearly advertising. Trying to acknowledge someone to show the world that her jeans are appreciated,” one fan tweeted on Tuesday, March 19, noting that Kardashian “did nothing wrong.”

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Another fan agreed: “it’s funny how picking up extra shifts and earning your money, because things in life aren’t free, can be used against you these days.”

While some trolls went after Kardashian and others backed her up, one tweeter seemed to have a reasonable solution: “Khloe I think it’s nice she likes your jeans but picking up extra shifts to be able to afford them isn’t cute. You should send her a whole box for even wanting to do that.”

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