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Kim and Kanye’s Vogue Interview: The 5 Most Revealing Moments

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
Taking a look at the juiciest bits from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's cover story with Vogue.  

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Vogue cover has been a hot topic of debate this week; so much so, that many may forget an actual interview with the couple lays at the center of the fashion bible.

From London, to L.A., to Paris, here are five of the most eye-opening moments from the duo's jet-setting sit down (whether you are fuming or celebrating the controversial cover, there is something for everyone):

1. Kim Has Purposefully Dodged the Paparazzi Before (No… Really!)

Camera shy isn’t a term you generally associate with Kim, but contrary to popular opinion, even she wants to stay away from the shutterbugs at times.

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star recounts a story about how she evaded the paps in London by meeting a friend at Selfridges and switching cars.

"I've always been fine with it," Kim says about being in the public eye. "I think only when I got pregnant did I start to have a problem because they were so nasty to me — the things they would say. I've never really recovered. And they still say crazy things when I'm with my daughter and make it a scary situation. When you're young and you're riding around L.A. with your friends it's fun and exciting, but now I'm in my 30s and don't really care to go out and be seen or impress anybody."

2. Kimye Wants an "Intimate" and "Massive" Wedding at the Same Time

Nothing new here: Kim and Kanye are still claiming they want a small wedding.

"People are probably assuming we're going to have this massive wedding," says Kim, "and I think that it will be —  but intimate. Two hundred people — just all of our closest friends —  a special night for us and all the people that really love us and that have supported us."
As for the "massive" part, that would include multiple costume changes for Kim at a crazy location … like the Louvre, or Versaiiles, or both.

"We could get the Hall of Mirrors or something," says Kanye. "We could turn up."

Interesting since members of Kimye's team kept insisting those Versailles rumors not to be true. But there you go, straight from the groom.

3. Kanye Started Courting Kim Via Fashion Six Years Ago
Kanye pursued Kim hard for years (that has never been a secret), but the article sheds light on when the rapper made a move. It's a minor detail, but the writer notes that Kim is wearing a pair of Margiela boots that West bought her in 2008.

"I was like, 'What's Margiela?' back then," Kim said.

And the rest of Kim’s style transformation is history.

4. Kim Has a Walk-In House for Her Clothes, Not Closet
Please… you thought walk-in closets were luxurious? Not for Kimye. West's house has been deemed by the couple to have "no privacy and no space," so they decided to put it to better use: housing Kim's wardrobe.

"We use the whole bottom floor for storage," says Kim.

"We have a 'walk in' house!" Kanye jokes.

Kim and Kanye are still living at Kris Jenner's while they renovate their Bel Air mansion. Breathe easy knowing Kardashian's clothes have enough space in the meantime.

5. Just Call Kanye Mr. Romantic
West is no stranger to making some bold, eccentric statements (and then getting skewered for them), but he can make some romantic ones too.

"I'm really into fantasy, as you know. I'm obsessed with Walt Disney and Tim Burton and Hayao Miyazaki. Kim is like a fantasy, period," he says. "She's like a dream girl. And I think a dream girl should live in a dream world."

Kim clearly doesn't disagree.

"I do live in a dream world," adds the reality star. "The fact that I'm waking up tomorrow, shooting for Vogue. I get to play dress-up every single day of my life, have my dream fiancé, my dream baby, you know?”

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