Lady Gaga Agrees to Interview With Piers Morgan After He Questions Her PTSD and Rape Revelations

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Bring it on! Lady Gaga has agreed to an interview with Piers Morgan after he doubted her recent PTSD and rape revelations.

The “Born This Way” singer bravely revealed she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder after being sexually assaulted as a teenager.

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She also commended Madonna’s “inspiring” Billboard Women in Music speech, during which she described being raped on her rooftop, but Morgan took to Twitter, announcing he was “skeptical” about both their claims.

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“Lady Gaga & Madonna have both made ALLEGATIONS of rape many years after the event,” he wrote. “No police complaint, no charges, no court case.”

He added: “I fear [sexual assault has] become the latest celebrity accessory,” and even went as far as to say: “I wouldn’t automatically believe anything either Madonna or Lady Gaga claimed about their lives.”

Rather than lash out at Morgan’s comments, Gaga, 30, reached out to the outspoken Brit, 51, on Tuesday, December 13, accepting the offer to be interviewed by him on the subject.

“I’ve work w/ our VP Joe Biden on helping educate people about why women don’t report would love to share it w/ you some time,” Gaga posted.

She also said she would like to talk with him about PTSD, insisting it’s not just a “military disease,” as Morgan also suggested.

Outspoken Piers Morgan questioned Lady Gaga and Madonna's rape claims
Outspoken Piers Morgan questioned Lady Gaga and Madonna’s rape claims. Getty Images

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“There is a mental health youth epidemic. if anyone in your family suffers from it, I pray they have more good days than bad,” Gaga penned. “It has affected me & my whole family.”

To which Morgan quipped: “I know numerous soldiers with PTSD, it’s a very serious thing. I also know people who claim to have it but clearly don’t. Let’s talk …”

Gaga took him up on his offer, earning kudos from the former America’s Got Talent host, who revealed: “I rather admire @ladygaga for agreeing to my interview after my criticisms. Should be a fascinating debate.”

But she wasn’t impressed when he joked: “I’ll press my meat suit,” and she threatened: “If you continue to shame me in the process of kindly agreeing to interview w/ u I’ll happily do the interview with someone else.”

He responded: “If you’re big enough to do this, I’m big enough to play fair too.”

Watch this space.

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