Lauren Conrad: “Everybody Has the Naked Dream”

Lauren Conrad attends a signing for her book "Infamous" at Barnes & Noble bookstore at The Grove on June 11, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. David Livingston/Getty Images

Lauren Conrad has a dream life: She's got killer style, a gorgeous fashion line for Kohl's, and she's the author of eight books, but like every normal girl, insecurity still creeps into her dreams.

"Everybody has the naked dream. Regularly. It's either the naked dream or the completely under-dressed dream, like I showed up to prom in a potato sack kind of dream," the 27-year-old admitted to omg! at an event for Downy fabric softener and her LC Lauren Conrad fashion line.

Since The Beauty Department blogger is usually covered up in designer threads (instead of hitting red carpets in the nude), we asked her to dish on her favorite trends right now, how she'll dress her tots someday, and what her style was really like as a kid.

Where do you get your style inspiration?
Whether it's shopping for myself or working on my lines, I have always gravitated to what I like. I like pretty, girly things, soft colors, floral prints, and bows. Certain things, especially when it comes to clothes, just make me happy so that's kind of how it developed.

Did you like that style when you were a kid?

No, I was super tomboy.

When did like the transformation happen?
Very slowly! Even in high school, I wasn't a tomboy, but I definitely didn't dress overly feminine.

Would you say you dressed like a surfer chick?
Yeah, it was much more laid back. I think when I started getting the opportunity to go to events where I could put on some high heels and a dress [things changed]. I thought if I am going to do it then I just should because I am not sure how many events I am going to get to go to. So I would just wear the big bow or the pretty dress and it just never went away.

Who's style advice do you trust the most?
My friends. They are brutally honest. I don't always listen to them, but I trust that they think that.

What's one item in your closet that you refuse to part with?
I still have my shoes that I wore to high school formal my sophomore year. I will never wear them again, but they are just pretty to look at. They just remind me of feeling pretty that night, so I refuse to get rid of them.

What's one trend you wish you never tried?
In middle school, I wore the chokers. Remember those? They almost looked like a faux tattoo. Like the little, fitted, wired black ones. I wore those. It was terrible.

I wore them too – why were those even trendy?
I don't know. I feel like roles reversed, if I was my mother, I would have cut that thing off me so fast and been like, 'Not today.'

Down the road, would you nix your own kid's outfit if it were ugly?

No, probably not. My mother didn't always agree with my fashion choices, but I think that it is important to be an individual. If I could get away with wearing a tutu on a Tuesday I would do it, so let the kids do it.

What summer trends do you love?
I love a more casual take on lace, like more of the crochet and open work. It doesn't feel so fussy. It's summer so everything just gets to lighten up. I like the lighter white fabrics and everything that summer is about.

You always post summer snaps on Instagram. What's the trick to a good pic?
This sounds really nerdy. I think it's about composition. I used to take photography in high school… I apply the basic tricks they teach you know like the 1/3 rule.

We know you're a fan of Downy. Have you ever had any big laundry disasters?
Many. You know my biggest problem was shrinking clothes, like accidentally putting things like sweaters in the dryer. Have you ever shrunk a really good sweater, but it super shrinks, so it's like a child's sweater? It's such a bummer!

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Lauren Conrad: Everybody Has the Naked Dream

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