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Lauren Conrad Had a Mini ‘Laguna Beach’ Reunion With Dieter Schmitz and Trey Phillips

Congrats @laurenconrad on her new incredibly gorgeous and useful book. And a great party to boot! @dieterschmitz

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Let’s go back, back to the beginning. Appeasing nostalgia-loving hearts everywhere, Lauren Conrad hung out with her Laguna Beach costars Dieter Schmitz and Trey Phillips at the Wednesday, March 23, launch party for her new party-planning book, Celebrate, in New York City.

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The three MTV alums posed together for a photo that Phillips, 29, posted on Instagram. “Congrats @laurenconrad on her new incredibly gorgeous and useful book,” he captioned the sweet reunion snapshot. “And a great party to boot! @dieterschmitz.”

Schmitz, 30, also congratulated the reality star-turned-author in an LC-free ‘gram. “Congrats @laurenconrad for the Celebrate release! @treyphillips and I had a blast,” he wrote alongside a pic of himself and his best bud in the pink streamer-filled event space.

Congrats @laurenconrad for the Celebrate release! @treyphillips and I had a blast.

A photo posted by dieterschmitz (@dieterschmitz) on Mar 24, 2016 at 5:48am PDT

In June 2013, Conrad, 30, spoke with Us Weekly about how filming the docuseries (loosely inspired by Fox’s mid-aughts drama The O.C.) created a special bond among Laguna Beach High School’s 2004 graduates.

“I was out to dinner last night with Trey Phillips, who I did [Laguna Beach] with, and we were talking about how it was such a unique time. It was before reality TV had become what it was today,” the California native told Us. “There was an innocence to it because none of us were doing it to get any deals or other ventures — we were just all friends and it sounded cool so we did it. We didn’t know what we were really doing, so I think it was this very interesting time where people didn’t have ulterior motives. We were just filming a documentary.”

“Laguna Beach” cast members Jen, Lauren Conrad, Alex H, Alex Murrel, Sedrick, Christina Schuller, Dieter Schmitz, Morgan S., Stephen Coletti and Heidi attend the “Mad TV” and “Laguna Beach” Cast Members at SqueezeOC Launch Party in 2005.

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Since their days on prime-time cable, both Schmitz and Phillips have gone on to find successful careers in the Big Apple. According to Schmitz’s LinkedIn profile, he’s the general manager at EVEN Hotel in Times Square, while Phillips works in the city as an associate fashion designer for Vera Wang.

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As fans know, Conrad went on to star in the Laguna Beach spinoff, The Hills. After exiting the show in May 2009 after six seasons, the multi-hyphenate went on to design several successful clothing lines, release multiple book series and started a popular lifestyle blog.

In September 2014, she married William Tell in a picture-perfect ceremony

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