Lindsay Lohan Alcohol-Free at Time of SCRAM Scandal

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Lindsay Lohan was not drinking when her SCRAM bracelet went off at an MTV Movie Awards party earlier this month, her lawyer says.

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Attorney Shawn Chapman Holley tells that Lohan's urine tested negative for booze when she was tested at 10 a.m. the following morning.

If Holley's claims are true, this means Lohan, 23, is in compliance with her probation.

But a Los Angeles District Attorney's office rep told Access Hollywood they were unaware of the negative test results.

Furthermore, a rep for SCRAM tells Access: "It’s not just possible but probable that someone can be drunk late at night and completely sober at a random test the next morning — that’s precisely why judges order 24/7 monitoring and why the judge in this case chose to have both random drug tests (which include alcohol testing) and SCRAM … Alcohol metabolizes very quickly in the body — so random tests have a difficult time catching drinking."

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She is due in court July 6.

Lohan has denied drinking the night her SCRAM device went off. Her mother Dina has said a partygoer spilled a drink on it, causing the device to go off.

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