Lucas Cruikshank, Nickelodeon Star, Comes Out as Gay

Nickelodeon star Lucas Cruikshank came out as gay in a recent video
Nickelodeon star Lucas Cruikshank came out as gay in a recent video Q&A. 

Lucas Cruikshank took a silly approach to a serious confession in a recent Q&A video that he posted on — where else? — Youtube. The 19-year-old Nickelodeon star, who plays ultra-hyper character Fred on the eponymous tween show, came out in a fun video with best pal Jennifer Veal on Tuesday, Aug. 20.

At the start of the Q&A, the pair snuggle up under the covers with a neon yellow laptop, fielding questions sent in by fans as they joke around with one another, making faces and laughing up a storm.

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"Why do you both look so pretty?" one fan asks.

"If you had the last tomato on earth, who would you throw it at?" asks another.

Finally, however, Veal mimics a drumroll and asks the all-important viewer question: "Are you gay?"

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Cruikshank explodes into a fit of giggles as he admits, "I'm gay. It's so weird saying that on camera!"

The young Youtube star-turned-actor then explains that his family and friends have "known for like three years, but I just haven't felt the need to announce it on the Internet."

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"When you first met me, did you know that I was gay?" Cruikshank asks Veal after they both catch their breath. "Yeah," Veal says without missing a beat, "because you were like heyyyyy."

Cruikshank later took to his Twitter to further thank his fans for their support. "I honestly love you all so much," he wrote. "Your support is everything and I'm glad you liked the video."

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