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Maggie Q: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me (‘I’ve Never Gone to Bed Without Brushing My Teeth’)

Maggie Q: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me
Maggie Q. Todd Williamson/SheMedia/Shutterstock

Maggie Q exclusively opened up to Us Weekly about 25 things you might not know about her — including her love for animals, food and laundromats. Read on to learn more about the Fantasy Island star.

1. I climbed Mount Fuji this year for my mom’s birthday.

2. When I’m at home, I feel like I never leave the kitchen. The food part of the house is everything.

3. If I were a superhero, I’d be an animal liberator.

4. I decided to learn gymnastics at 30 because I was mad I couldn’t do a double back handspring.

5. I think nerds saying “Nerds are the new hot guys” is the opposite of hot.

6. I’m obsessed with donkeys the way Kristen Bell is obsessed with sloths.

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7. Otters make me scream with joy.

8. But I’m terrified of snakes. Respect, but no!

9. Laundromats are a perfect place — a room dedicated to clean. 10. I think about the next meal as my current meal is ending.

11. If doughnuts were healthy, I’d have a strict diet of only them.

12. I’ve founded two companies in the past few years: ActivatedYou and Qeep Up.

13. I’ve never gone to bed without brushing my teeth.

14. During the first two weeks of filming Fantasy Island, the entire cast and crew lived on a cruise ship.

15. Meditation can change your life.

16. Peonies are my favorite flower.

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17. I think that protecting children from abuse is one of the most important issues of our time.

18. I can watch Wes Anderson movies over and over. Everything about them kills me.

19. I could be happy on a farm, growing all my own food and cooking every single day — with a ton of animals around.

20. I love to clean. My former assistant used to call me Monica from Friends.

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21. I once found a hawk in my living room, just chilling.

22. I worship my facialist, Christine Chin — like, in an unhealthy way.

23. Whenever I do a double take on the street, it’s to look at a dog.

24. I’m the person all my friends call when they’re getting sick.

25. I make my dog’s food by hand. Every. Day.

Fantasy Island is out in theaters now.

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