Mara Wilson on UCSB Shooting: Teach Your Sons Women Are People

Mara Wilson
Mara Wilson spoke out after the tragic shooting at UCSB. Peter Kramer/NBC NewsWire

Mara Wilson may have once been a pint-sized star best known for Matilda, but the retired actress is now all grown-up and an acclaimed author. 

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Wilson, 26, put her writing to good use this weekend, penning a message on Facebook after the tragic spree of violence at University of California, Santa Barbara

"Hey all, I hesitated posting this, because I don't want things to get ugly in the comments," she wrote. "But I think it's important."

"I read the UCSB shooter's 'manifesto,'" she continued, referencing suspected shooter Elliott Rodger's 140-page piece on his loneliness and rejection. "Most of it was about how badly he wanted a woman (typically 'hot' and blonde) to have sex with him or be his girlfriend." 

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"He never once mentioned a woman's personality or interests, only what she looked like and what he'd do to her," Wilson said of Rodger. "He never approached a woman, just believed he deserved sex and love because he was 'superior' and 'magnificent.' When he didn't 'get' a woman in his life, he became violent."

"Please, teach your sons women are people, with lives and personalities and interests," she concluded. "They are not objects, they are individuals, and NO ONE is entitled to another human being's body or time. Yes, this guy had problems to begin with, but this kind of attitude of entitlement and objectification certainly did not help."

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After the violence at UCSB, which resulted in the deaths of six victims and the supposed shooter, the hashtag #YesAllWomen began trending in response to the misogyny expressed in the manifesto and the gunman's plans for "retribution" against women whom he felt had rejected him sexually. 

In addition to Wilson's words, other celebrities got involved through the hashtag, which brought light to the issues all women face. 

Mia Farrow wrote, "#YesAllWomen do not have same rights as men, suffer the worst consequences of armed conflict, are too often targeted for sexual violence," while Connie Britton added, "Because I'm raising a son. Respect, admiration, and appreciation instead of anger, contempt, and entitlement. #YesAllWomen," and Scandal's Joshua Malina chimed in, "Having a daughter has a huge effect on how you view men. Having a mother should too. #yesallwomen." 

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Other responses include Sophia Bush's words: "I shouldn't have to hold my car keys in hand like a weapon & check over my shoulder every few seconds when I walk at night #YesAllWomen" and James Van Der Beek's message: "#YesAllWomen Because recognition of human dignity elevates all of us."

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