Matt Damon Joins Jimmy Kimmel on a Couch for Couples Therapy: Watch the Amazing Skit!

Just too awesome! Matt Damon joined Jimmy Kimmel for a spot of couples therapy during Monday, Sept. 28’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! — and it was totally must-see TV!

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The Martian star played the role of himself, but a sad and desperate version of himself, who had spent the past 10 years living in one of Kimmel’s dressing rooms, hoping that one day he’d actually be invited onto his pal’s hit late-night talk show.

Kimmel, 47, also playing himself, insists he’s been trying to make the appearance happen, but Damon, 44, believes the world revolves around him and isn’t grateful enough for the effort he’s been making!

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“I try to get him on the show, we have a one-hour show every night,” Kimmel says to the therapist in the room. “We have other guests, I have a monologue to do, I have a band. Listen, I understand his point of view, but he has to understand my point of view,” the show host says.

“Now things are getting totally turned around, this is what he does, and this is what he does so well. He talks the talk,” a dramatic Damon replies. “And now he makes me feel crazy!”

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Doing what she does best, the therapist then asks Kimmel how he thinks it feels to be Damon, waiting for an appearance on his show, day after day, for over 10 years.

Matt Damon
Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel do some heavy duty couples therapy

“I imagine it would suck to be him, I mean look at him, and he’s trying to be a movie star. Look at his face and look at his body, it’s not a movie star face or a movie star body,” an increasingly evil Kimmel responds.

“He is verbally abusive to me and couches it as honesty,” Damon counters.

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Watch the whole, completely genius sketch in the video above, and catch the moment when Damon puts on a fake bald head and mustache and disguises himself as Dr. Phil!

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