Mayan Apocalypse 2012: Kim Kardashian, Bethenny Frankel, Other Celebs React to False Alarm

Kim Kardashian and Bethenny Frankel Lucas Dawson/Getty Images; Jason Merritt/

The ancient Mayan Long Count Calendar came to an end on Friday, Dec. 21, 2012, but it seems the world — and your favorite stars — survived the Mayan apocalypse.

Kim Kardashian, Bethenny Frankel, Lauren Conrad and other celebrities took to Twitter Friday to share their joy (and annoyance) over the forever-anticipated end-of-the-world false alarm. 

Here, Us Weekly rounds up a few of their reactions about surviving the Mayan apocalypse.

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Kim Kardashian: "So is 12-21 Mayan April Fools Day? So happy the world didn't end today."

Zach Braff: "What does one even wear to a Mayan Apocalypse? I hate being underdressed."

Shane West: "Apocalypse . . . Jesus people. Embarrassing that was the main topic on my feed. Gullible lemmings now enjoy the holidays!"

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Lauren Conrad: "I was kind of counting on that end of the world thing . . . Guess I have to do my Christmas shopping now."

Alec Baldwin: "It's after the End of the World deadline. If I'm dead, then I'm in Heaven. Bc I'm laying around watching The Graduate with Hilaria Baldwin."

Bethenny Frankel: "I think the world is still here. Maybe I shouldn't have had that martini preparing for its demise."

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Dax Shepard: "I wish this day marked the end of idiots saying the world is ending. You have to be awfully arrogant to think it will end on your watch."

Kylie Jenner: "Who else survived? Lol."

Seth MacFarlane: "'The world will end December 21st, 2012!' . . . said the guys who practiced human sacrifice, thought the sun was magic, and worshipped corn."

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