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Meet Kendall Jenner’s Secret Twin, Kirby Jenner 

Kirby Jenner
Kirby Jenner with the Jenner-Kardashian family. Courtesy of Kirby Jenner/Instagram

Kendall isn’t the only Jenner celebrating her 21st birthday on November 3. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has a mustachioed twin brother named Kirby Jenner — and he’s got the totally not-Photoshopped pictures to prove it! Per his Instagram bio, Kendall’s secret sibling is an “amateur model” and “lover of all things.” (Launched in July 2015, the parody account, run by a small creative group in L.A., now boasts 365,000 followers, including Kendall and Kylie Jenner) Kendall’s wombmate opened up to Us Weekly.

US WEEKLY: How are you and Kendall celebrating your birthday?

KIRBY JENNER: I rented out a Chuck E. Cheese’s and got a keg filled with Fireball whiskey! It’s gonna be fun AF! LOL. Oh, and I’ll probably end the night with my usual birthday thing, which is eating a whole pizza and watching dubbed-over karate movies in my underwear. It’s gonna be dope!

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US: There are rumors you superimpose yourself into pictures. Do you want to set the record straight?

KJ: Ha-ha. Oh, man, I wish I was a computer whiz, but my laptop has been busted for a couple months now. I was playing kickball with Emma Roberts, John Stamos and Nick Jonas and we needed a third base … so I just used my laptop. Nick kicked a freaking awesome grand slam, and he totally crunched down on my computer as he rounded the bases. Wasn’t even mad, though. But also I probably have a ton of emails that I haven’t read and there’s a couple of websites that I miss. I freakin’ love websites. I’m sorry what was the question?

US: Why do we never see you on KUWTK?

KJ: Kind of a long answer, but I’m usually pretty busy with other stuff. One season I fell into a drain pipe and missed all the taping. Another season I got locked in an abandoned Blockbuster video store. Another I actually ended up on the lighting department of the show, which was cool because I got to join a union! This most recent season I was away at a belly-flop competition, and then I actually got on the wrong plane and spent time in Detroit. I made a friend named Brad who lives in a mansion for $4 a day.

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US: Best childhood memory?

KJ: So this one time Kendall dared me to drink an entire carton of chocolate milk and I obviously said yes, but I guess she switched the milk out with Elmer’s glue and I got super duper sick. It was a dope prank, though, so I didn’t get mad, and I actually made some pretty fun memories over at Glendale Pediatrics. 

We also used to make our own clothes out of the carpet samples you get at Home Depot. I guess that’s prob where we started our careers in fashion and modeling, just because those samples are really tiny so we had to get creative.

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US: Are you close with Kanye West?

KJ: Kanye seriously does the best impressions. And not like celebrity impressions, but, like, he makes train noises and animal sounds. I keep telling him that we should work on a ventriloquist act where I sit on his knee and we sing old western songs or something, but every time I suggest it, he gives me the nasty eye.

US: Does Kanye ever annoy you?

KJ: I do get pretty annoyed when he sends me Venmo requests for “being my coolest friend.” I ignored them at first, but now I just pay him. I dunno why. Because he’s Kanye, you know?

US: How do you bond with Rob Kardashian?

KJ: Oh, man, Rob and I have a pretty serious Pac-Man rivalry going on right now, but other than that we’re definitely tight AF. He’s got all these awesome old video game machines in his man cave, and so we usually just order too much pizza, or sometimes make mac and cheese with bacon and play video games while listening to reggae music. And Blac Chyna is, like, extremely dope at Skee-Ball. I think she would have a world record, but we couldn’t get in touch with the Guinness Book judge, and then they told us to stop calling.

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US: What are the Kardashian-Jenners up to for Thanksgiving?

KJ: There’s a gigantic feast at Kim and Kanye’s house and all of us are wearing matching outfits. Every year me and Kendall see who can eat more cranberry sauce, and she always beats me. But I’ve been practicing, so get ready, Kendall — here comes Kirby!

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