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Melania Trump’s 20 Most Interesting Quotes of All Time

Melania Trump was accused of copying parts of her Republican National Convention speech on Monday, July 18, from Michelle Obama’s 2008 address at the Democratic National Convention. Twitter immediately exploded with the hashtag #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes, which tweeters used to share famous quotes from history and movies falsely attributed to the potential future first lady.

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Us Weekly rounded up 20 interesting things that Donald Trump’s wife, 46, has actually said throughout the years about the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Starbucks, sweatpants and more.

“I’m very political. I’m not political in public, I’m political at home.”— On whether she talks politics with her husband (Us Weekly)

“Let’s see — the tweeting.” — On the one habit she wishes Donald would give up (Today show)

“I don’t have a nanny. I have a chef, and I have my assistant, and that’s it. I do it myself.” — On parenting 10-year-old son Barron (Harper’s Bazaar)

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“He’s not a sweatpants child.” — On Barron preferring to wear suits (GQ)

“No, he would not change diapers and I was completely fine with that. That was very enjoyable to do for me.”— On Donald’s lack of diaper duty (Us Weekly)

“I didn’t make any changes … I’m against Botox, I’m against injections; I think it’s damaging your face, damaging your nerves. It’s all me. I will age gracefully, as my mom does.” — On rumors that she’d had Botox or a breast augmentation (GQ)

“I drink coffee, but I don’t drink Starbucks. My son likes it, the what do you call it? The Frappuccino?” — On her coffee preferences (DuJour)

“Isn’t he the best? He will be the best president ever. We love you.” — Praising Donald after he won the South Carolina Republican primary

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Melania Trump
Donald Trump sits with his wife, Melania Trump, while appearing at an NBC Town Hall on the ‘Today’ show April 21, 2016, in New York City. The GOP front-runner appeared with his wife and family and took questions from audience members. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

“We know people will judge him and call him names. They don’t give him enough credit.” —On backlash to many of Donald’s controversial statements (MSNBC)

“Women are treated equal. He treats women equal.” — Defending her husband’s treatment of women (MSNBC)

“Sometimes it’s fun to splurge on a great haircut or treatment. For just your regular cut … above $200.” — On how much is too much to spend on a haircut (New York Magazine)

“I don’t think they sent a gift. Some people didn’t send gifts.” — On Hillary and Bill Clinton attending her 2005 wedding (DuJour)

“I follow the law the way it’s supposed to be. … I applied for a visa. I went by the system. I went by the law, and you should do that.” — On her husband’s harsh policies on undocumented immigrants while she is an immigrant (MSNBC)

“Do I agree with everything he says? No. I have my own opinions too, and I tell him that. Sometimes he takes it in and listens, and sometimes he doesn’t.” — On whether she disagrees with the presidential hopeful (Us Weekly)

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“It was kind of a fun experience. We stayed in a hotel. It was clean. It was, I think, a Holiday Inn … It’s funny when we go and travel. They don’t have five-star hotels there, but you go with it.” — On a campaign trip to Iowa (DuJour)

“I don’t see myself as their mother. I am their friend, and I’m here when they need me.” — On her relationship with her stepchildren Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric and Tiffany (Harper’s Bazaar)

“Diet Coke from the classic glass bottles.” — On her drink of choice (New York Magazine)

“This is one of the most expensive cities in the world, so that would [be] very difficult.” — On whether she would live in New York City on a $35,000 salary (New York Magazine)

“And he’s not lucky?” — Her response to an Apprentice contestant telling her she’s lucky to live in a mansion during a televised tour of Trump Towers

“We know what our roles are and we are happy with them. I think the mistake some people make is they try to change the man they love after they get married. You cannot change a person.” — On the secret to a happy marriage (Parenting)

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