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Mia Tyler Thinks It’s a ‘Travesty’ That ‘Manufactured Celebrities’ Are Role Models

Mia Tyler
Tyler attends the 2016 Michelin Star Chef in New York City.

Not holding back one bit. Mia Tyler, the daughter of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, took to Instagram on Tuesday, April 5, to share her heated feelings about the types of stars she thinks are unworthy of admiration.

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“I really think it’s a travesty that manufactured celebrities are today’s role models. These robots get famous for selling their bodies or sleeping with celebrities and then go on to be famous themselves,” the actress and plus-size model, 37, began.

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She then took aim at celebs who are transparently paid to promote products on social media.

“They spend major $$$ to have their asses, lips and tits made bigger. Then get paid to promote tea, f–king tea to make you lose weight,” she fumed. “Please people, I beg of you, do not buy into this. And don’t get me started on waist trainers. Do you have any idea what those do to your internal organs?”

My lil Tuesday sermon. Amen.

A photo posted by Mia Tyler (@miatyler) on Apr 5, 2016 at 5:34pm PDT

Tyler continued her post by sharing a message of body positivity. “Please be happy with the bodies you have. You were made that way for a reason…” she wrote. “You’re beautiful. There should be no set standard for what beauty is.”

Finally, Liv Tyler’s half-sister explained that she doesn’t judge people for changing the way they look; she just wants to encourage others to embrace their natural beauty.

“Be yourself. Be unique. Be you,” she concluded. “Please!”

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Tyler — who was married to former Papa Roach drummer Dave Buckner from 2003 to 2005 — published an autobiography titled Creating Myself that detailed her struggle to find self-acceptance. In 2009, she launched Revolution 1228, a plus-size clothing line.