Michael Douglas Plays Charades With Jimmy Fallon, Doesn’t Know Jon Cryer’s Movie


That’s awkward! Michael Douglas played a hilarious game of charades on Monday, April 6’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon — and failed to guess teammate Jon Cryer‘s movie!

The 70-year-old actor found the entire fast-paced game somewhat overwhelming, but eventually managed to act out the ‘90s song “Macarena” to his partner Cryer, after spending nearly half his allotted time standing still and looking bemused while holding his game card.

Fallon, who was partnered with Kat Dennings, had more luck with his turn, quickly getting The 40-Year-Old Virgin star to scream out the correct answer to his charade, House of Cards.

But things got really funny when it was Cryer’s turn to try and act out his own movie, Pretty in Pink! Douglas watched Cryer’s acting and figured out the word “pretty” with relative ease, but no matter what the Emmy-winning actor did next, there was no way his partner was going to guess the full title, and had evidently never even heard of the movie before!

Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas and Jon Cryer are unlucky team-mates during a game of charades! NBC

Fallon, who was in stitches by this point, eventually saved his guest’s blushes by whispering the answer to him.

Watch the whole hilarious game on the video above!

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