Mom: Mindy McCready “Absolutely” Attempted Suicide

 Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Mindy McCready's mother is adamant that the country singer tried to take her own life on Tuesday — which led to her still-unexplained hospitalization.

In an interview Wednesday, Gayle McCready Inge tells "there's absolutely no doubt" that daughter Mindy, 34, overdosed on pills in a suicide attempt. Gayle tells Us that her daughter has taken such desperate measures before, noting "seven suicide attempts" that she is aware of "for sure."

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"Mindy is very, very sick," Gayle tells Us.

Earlier on Wednesday, a rep for the star told Us that she could not confirm any reports of an overdose or suicide attempt, noting that Mindy and Gayle have a "volatile and unhealthy" relationship, one further strained by a custody battle over Mindy's son Zander.

Gayle counters: "I can't say that I have a strained relationship with Mindy," adding that the singer lives in a finished garage on her property despite their custody battle. Even though Mindy appeared on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, Gayle says no one has gotten "to the root of the problem."

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That problem, she says, is more complicated than drug addiction. "Obviously, people who take drugs definitely tell lies. But Mindy, this problem with the lying happened when she was a child," Gayle claims. "So I can't say it was a drug situation."

On Tuesday, Gayle discovered her daughter in the garage. "She was sitting up on her computer, but she was completely talking out of her head."

After that frightening discovery and the rush to the hospital, "I was with her all day," Gayle says. "She was in and out. The last conversation we had was over a suicide note, but there wasn’t one."

Gayle declined to identify what pills her daughter ingested. "You will be very surprised," she hints. "It’s not anything you are hearing in the news."

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Why did Mindy allegedly attempt to take her own life? "I can't tell you Mindy's heart, and her intent obviously, only Mindy knows that. But I can tell you I think she is addicted to media attention," Gayle says. She adds: "whenever things like this happen, Mindy does not take responsibility for it."

"I would like to see Mindy not in denial anymore," Gayle notes. "I would like to see her tell the truth. I would like her to get the help she needs."

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