Could the Nectar Mattress Be the Key to Alleviating Your Chronic Back Pain?

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Millions of people suffer from back pain every day, and they really don’t need to. It turns out that the culprit for many is simply sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress. Linda Lennox, the director of Lennox Physical Therapy Association and a certified physical therapist who has been treating her patients’ back injuries for almost 40 years, tells Us Weekly that an old mattress is one of the leading causes of back pain in her patients — alongside overuse of the body and poor muscle tone. Foam mattresses like Casper, Nest, and Nectar have become more popular in recent years because of their affordable prices and supreme comfort. According to Lennox, they can help alleviate back pain by providing proper, soft support to sensitive areas of the body.

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Lennox explains that a good mattress alleviates back pain by accommodating a person’s body rather than the other way around. “If a mattress is too firm, it causes the human body to adapt to it, causing undue pressure in sensitive areas of anatomical stress,” Lennox says. 

Nectar Mattress

Lennox explains why she likes the Nectar mattress in particular for alleviating back pain. “It relieves pressure wherever you normally feel it the most,” she says, explaining that the Nectar is firm enough to offer support but gentle on sensitive pain points. “It has two layers of gel memory foam that distribute weight and mold to your body.”

According to the company’s website, the Nectar mattress is made of several of these foam layers in addition to the two crucial layers of gel foam. It features a dense yet breathable foam base, followed by a layer of adaptive hi-core memory foam that supports the body and provides crucial rebound and bounce. The first layer of gel memory foam helps evenly distribute weight while the second, a quilted gel memory foam layer, contours to the body and helps provide loft as well as increased air circulation. All of this is optimized to adapt to a person’s individual pressure points or hollows, Lennox says.

Memory foam mattress

Of course, getting a good night’s sleep isn’t important only for alleviating back pain, but it is also crucial for overall health, including brain function, emotional well-being, and physical health, according to the National Institutes of Health. This means that getting a comfortable mattress isn’t just a luxury, but important to wellness in general.

Getting a quality mattress like Nectar is easier than people might think. Nectar’s queen-sized mattress, for example, is $725 (down from $850), as compared to the average price of $1,370 for a memory foam mattress. The company also sweetens the deal with a yearlong trial, a forever warranty, and free shipping.

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