Nicholas Brendon Slams Disastrous Dr. Phil Interview: “I’m Not the Monster as Portrayed by This Show”

Nicholas Brendon explains himself following his Dr. Phil interview

Nicholas Brendon is defending himself after his disastrous interview with Dr. Phil aired on Wednesday, Sept. 16.

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After Dr. Phil brought up the troubled star’s drunken arrests and childhood and accused Brendon of being drunk on TV, Brendon abruptly ripped off his mic and walked off the set. The episode was pre-taped last month.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Brendon explained his actions and defended himself and his family.

“So…that aired. It was extremely sad that the producers decided to sensationalize and exaggerate the already-disappointing events of the past year…A few things I need to clarify, for the sake of my family and loved ones,” he began his lengthy post. “Dr. Phil had some hard words for my mother, who I love dearly and who I have caused more heartache than I care to remember. When I was molested as a child, it was 1982. Therapy wasn’t talked about and accepted the way it is today. Going to therapy in 1982 would be similar to getting a divorce in 1950. It wasn’t done, and if it was, it wasn’t supported by those around you. There certainly were not the kind of resources that fortunately exist for abused children today. My mother, a victim of child abuse herself, was convinced by others that the best thing for me was to just put it behind us and move forward. My mother regrets this deeply, and it hurt me that Dr. Phil took her to task for not forcing me into treatment at the time.” 

During the brief interview, after Brendon told Dr. Phil that depression caused his issues with alcohol, Dr. Phil noted that Brendon “smelled like alcohol” and questioned his sobriety, revealing he had gotten drunk the night prior, which the actor also addressed in the post. 

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“The night before the show taped, I got drunk. Drunk to the point I still smelled of it the following morning,” his statement continued. “I was very stressed about doing the show.”

“I always have and always will take full responsibility for my actions,” his statement concluded. “I will also defend my loved ones. I am grateful for the support of my family, girlfriend and my wonderful fans. By no means am I a perfect person, but I am also not the monster as portrayed by this show. I am actively participating in treatment and remaining positive in the light of negativity. It will remain my goal to one day obtain the clarity and clearness of spirit that Dr. Phil demonstrates daily. I commend those living with depression, alcoholism, the kicker that is dual diagnosis and are brave enough to speak out and ask for help. You guys are my heroes.” 

Brendon previously shared with fans last month that he decided to leave the interview after he “felt that Dr. Phil went for the jugular” in recounting his past arrests and stint in rehab. A rep for the show said in a statement after the actor walked off the set that "Dr. Phil has nothing but the highest respect for Nicholas and wishes him the best in his quest for physical/mental health and sobriety, and stands ready to assist him in any way possible."

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As previously reported in May, Brendon was arrested for the third time this year. In June, the actor entered a treatment facility for depression and substance abuse issues. 

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