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Nick Lachey Talks 98 Degrees Holiday Tour, Christmas Traditions With His Family and More

Nick Lachey Dancing With The Stars
Nick Lachey on the finale of 'Dancing With The Stars.' 

Nick Lachey is definitely in the festive spirit. Currently on a holiday tour with 98 Degrees, the father of three spoke to Us Weekly exclusively about his holiday plans with wife Vanessa and their family, being on the road again and the new Christmas song that he’s hoping will be a classic all year round.

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Read our full Q&A below:

Us Weekly: 98 Degrees headlined the My2K Tour last year with some other acts, but this will be your first solo tour in 16 years. It must be very different now!
Nick Lachey: Well, it’s a little bit different because it’s a holiday tour. We’re singing a lot of holiday songs — a lot of songs from our new album, Let It Snow and a lot of songs from This Christmas from 1999. It’s a very different take on a show for us. We’ll also be performing the hits from the past albums as well, but it’s holiday-themed. The response has been awesome; people seem to love it.

Us: Most of you are fathers now with families. It must be so different on tour versus when you were kids!
NL: In some ways, I think we have more fun with it now. I think we appreciate it more now than we did back in the old days where you’re in this whirlwind rollercoaster ride. We have a lot more perspective now. We appreciate the opportunity to do it. It is hard when you have kids and you have to be away from them. We have to try to find that balance between doing what you do for a living and spending time at home. We’re not the only people who have to deal with that and their jobs. You do the best you can. Vanessa was there for opening night of the tour and the kids will see it when we go out to the West Coast.

Us: At the beginning of Dancing With the Stars, you said you never were good at dancing and you’ve never liked it. Do you think you’re better now?
NL: Not at all. The show did nothing to change my ability! It’s one of those things where, again, people think, “Oh you’re in a boy band, you know how to dance and you love to dance.” I’ve always been terrified of dancing. It’s never something I’ve felt comfortable with. It’s still not something I feel comfortable with. I definitely loved the challenge of the show and I learned a lot about perseverance and pushing through. Some of us can dance. Some can’t. It’s just not my thing. At the same time, I’m so glad I did it because it was a personal life challenge that I fully endorse people taking on. No regrets, but it has not changed much on my perspective of dancing. I still don’t like it and I’m still not good at it! I’m definitely not the guy getting out there at a wedding reception and free-styling it.

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Us: It still looks good! Anyway along with the tour, you guys dropped Let It Snow! Your last holiday album, This Christmas, was such a hit. Did you feel the pressure when making a new one?
NL: We’re very proud of the first one. We have a lot of people that say it’s their favorite holiday album. That’s what motivated us to do another one. But, yeah, that comes with pressure — you’ve got to live up to the exception of what the first one delivered. That’s a good pressure though. We feel like we created another timeless holiday record. It’s a special time of year and it’s nice to be a part of people’s traditions.

Us: And there’s an original on there, “Season of Love.” What inspired that song?
NL: We wanted to write at least one song. We wanted a song about the season of love not just being confined to Christmastime or to the holidays. This can be a season that lasts all year round. We’re at a time now where there’s so much divisiveness and hate and anger and we wanted to address that in a way and say, “Hey, let’s get everyone feeling good and being nice to each other and being compassionate. Let’s make that a year-round thing.”

Us: Speaking of the holidays, what’s Christmas like in the Lachey household?
NL: It’s all about the kids! We go down in our matching pajamas, which is oh so cute. Vanessa and I have coffee and watch the kids get into their presents from Santa. Some are wrapped, some are not. The ones from us are wrapped, thrones from Santa are unwrapped. It’s always fun to watch them get into it then fight over their toys.

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Us: Do you guys have a lot of traditions when it comes to the holidays?
NL: Well, there’s Santa and Elf on the Shelf to make sure everything’s going right until Santa gets there! You have a lot of weapons at your disposal to keep your kids in line! Between Santa and the Elf on the Shelf, they’re not acting up for the month of December. Elf on the Shelf is powerful! You just have to keep moving him.

Us: Your son was just one day old last Christmas so this is your first real holiday with him! What are the plans for the birthday/Christmas combo?
NL: Good question! We’ve never had to do the combo before! You want them to feel special — feel like they have both birthday and Christmas. So we’re just going to carve out a little time for each! We’ll figure it out. Vanessa’s going to probably take the lead on planning the first birthday.

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