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How Couple John and Sheila Chambers Lost a Total of 85 Lbs With Nutrisystem’s Partner Plan: ‘I Didn’t Want to Have a Shortened Lifespan’

John and Sheila Chambers.Nutrisystem

When it comes to weight loss, unrealistic standards are often the norm. Fad diets and unsustainable lifestyle changes are likely not producing the results they advertise — especially not in the long run. Nutrisystem is changing the way weight loss looks for real people, making it a more easily attainable goal.

Married couple John Chambers and his wife Sheila Chambers have found notable success with Nutrisystem’s Partner Plan. Studies show partners losing weight together could lose up to 20 percent more weight than they would by taking on the task alone! John commented, “I could cheer her on, she would cheer me on.”

John and Sheila Chambers. Nutrisystem

“I didn’t want to have a shortened lifespan,” John said in the couple’s TV feature. Diagnosed as obese with high blood pressure, kidney function issues, high cholesterol, leg swelling and Type 2 diabetes, he knew he wanted to make a change to avoid ever becoming a burden to his wife.

John asked Sheila if she’d be open to trying the Nutrisystem Partner Plan with him, and she agreed, knowing they’d be stronger together. She had tried all types of fad diets in the past: the vinegar diet, the chicken soup diet, the grapefruit diet and even pills. None were feasible for the long term, and they didn’t make her happy.

John and Sheila Chambers. Nutrisystem

The Partner Plan worked for the Chambers couple because it felt more like a lifestyle than a diet. They were no longer tempting each other with unhealthy foods too, as they were both eating the same types of meals from Nutrisystem. Couples can eat the same meals or choose their own. Options include premium meals with up to 30g of protein!

John lost 55 pounds on Nutrisystem’s Parter Plan, while Sheila lost 30, for a total weight loss of 85 pounds. “Having my wife do this with me is priceless,” John said. He found Sheila beautiful no matter what, but now the couple is able to enjoy more quality time together, such as taking longer walks, going to the park and fishing and crabbing!