Nyjah Cousar Accidentally Sends Her Dad a Nude Selfie, Documents Aftermath on Twitter: True Story or Internet Hoax?

Nyjah Cousar
 Courtesy of Nyjah Cousar

Meet Nyjah Cousar! She identifies herself as a 23-year-old student from Inglewood, Calif., and on Tuesday, July 8, she became an overnight Internet sensation. Cousar's rapid ascent to online celebrity fame came after she sent her father a nude selfie, and chronicled the aftermath via social media.

"OMG HOW DO YOU CANCEL A TEXT MESSAGE !!" Cousar, under the username @dearfashionn, tweeted in panic. "I just sent a nude to my dad," she wrote alongside dozens of distressed face emojis. "Like idk wtf to do man….i dont even want to wake up tomorrow. im turning my phone off."

Before she could turn off her iPhone, Cousar received several phone calls and texts from her outraged father, lovingly labeled "Daddy" in her contacts. "OMG MY DAD WONT STOP CALLING ME!" she wrote with a screen grab of her father's rejected calls and unopened text messages. "IM SO OVER THIS."

Nyjah Cousar dad calling

"This is so embarrassing," Cousar added. "Ill nvr send a nude again!!! i wish yall could hear the voicemail my dad left me."

Her father angrily wrote in his four follow-up messages, which were shared by Cousar, "Did you mean to send me this ? Answer the phone NOW." Added the peeved parent, "Are you serious ?? Is this is what you do whole you're at School??" (Autocorrect stood no chance in the face of anger.)

His daughter, though, found the situation amusing. "LMFAO I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING!" Cousar shared. "BUT WHEN I FINALLY SEE MY DAD……. ITS A WRAP."

Cousar's tweets went viral after former NFL pro and reality star Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson retweeted her. "Now that was a good laugh to start my morning, enjoy your day people and love somebody today that's not used to your voice…" Johnson tweeted Tuesday.

Reveling in the attention, Cousar made her Instagram page public. "I have 400+ request on IG," she tweeted. "imam just make my page public."

"I shoulda sent the nude on snapchat," she continued, adding that the recipient of the provocative photo was supposed to be a person named "daquan, not daddy."

Nyjah Cousar dad block

Her father expressed concern throughout the day, saying he was disappointed she wasn't answering calls and threatening to stop by her house after work. "imma record my dad when his ass shows up . but from afar !!!!" she tweeted.

Indeed, her father showed up and Cousar continued her social media spree by posting an Instagram video of him walking up her driveway, and another clip of her father yelling "open up the goddamn door" from outside her bedroom. He added, "It's called Twitter, not titter."

Though her play by play seemed real, skeptics have speculated about whether it was a hoax, possibly even engineered by Jimmy Kimmel (who coincidentally welcomed a baby girl with wife Molly McNearney on Thursday, July 10).

Cousar, responding to the claims, wrote: "Like i cant make this up. thats my real ass dad and this a real ass situation …" She added, "I tweeted that tweet when i only had 8oo followers and would get 1 RT. didnt think this would blow up none so stfu. if you read my tweets before i got followers i always tweeted everything. thats jst me."

Tell Us: What do you think of Cousar's story: Was it real or a hoax?

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