Olivia Wilde Compares Her Baby Bump to Eating Mexican Food: Top 10 Celebrity Tweets

Olivia Wilde
Take a look at some celebrity tweets you may have missed, including Olivia Wilde comparing her baby bump to eating Mexican food. Courtesy Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde jokes about her big baby bump, and Snooki shares a photo of her son making a mess: See Us Weekly's roundup of the top 10 celebrity tweets you may have missed!

1. Olivia Wilde: "Sure I've looked like this after Mexican food but this time it's a BABY. #almostcooked #nineweekstogo #holyfu&$."

2. Demi Lovato: "Stuck in traffic on my way to dinner . . . Why can't I be stuck in traffic for something I DON'T want to go to?"

3. Adam Levine: "So crazy. Every time I hear @blakeshelton talk on the show, I'm just amazed by his wisdom. I would choose him as my coach."

4. Justin Bieber: "Me, my team, and my beliebers we are focused on the music. That is what matters. much love to everybody."

5. Snooki: "He's just making a mess for me on purpose."

Snooki and Lorenzo
Snooki and Lorenzo twitter.com

6. Rashida Jones: "To all cab drivers: your driving style is the OPPOSITE OF CHILL. We are not in Die Hard. We are not rushing to save someone's life."

7. Jessica Biel: "I thought I was being followed by the same car with a weird pink mustache until I learned about Lyft. #paranoia." 

8. Rainn Wilson: "Alec Baldwin will retire from public life until the next time he's offered a film or TV role, a hosting gig or a commercial campaign."

9. Mindy Kaling: "Old Twinkle Eyes @sethmeyers begins the "Late Night With Seth Meyers" chapter of his Wikipedia page tonight! Can't wait! 12:30 on NBC." 

10. Sara Bareilles: "Omg. Fully grown woman wearing a Mockingjay pin. I love it so much. So. Much. Omg I love her."

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