Sarah Palin: Katie Couric “Hadn’t Done Her Homework” for Interview


Sarah Palin isn't afraid to use the B word: bullcrap!

In her Nov. 20 20/20 interview with Barbara Walterspreviewed Tuesday on Good Morning America — Palin complains that "there's so much bullcrap out there" regarding her family and professional record.

And while the former Alaska governor plays nice for Walters, she concedes that her conduct during a 2008 Katie Couric interview was at times "very unprofessional" — at least when Couric asked Palin about which books she read. (Palin rolled her eyes and didn't answer.)

"I was wearing my annoyance on my sleeve and I shouldn't have done that . . . My fault, my bad that I answered the way that I did," Palin says.

But Palin explains that she was taken aback by Couric's tone; to her, the CBS anchor seemed to disparage her home state as a "nomadic, neanderthal atmosphere."

Worse, she says, Couric "hadn't done her homework" — after all, Palin had just written an Op-Ed piece for Couric's "hometown newspaper, the New York Times."

Couric isn't Palin's only frenemy: when shown a clip from David Letterman's "Things That Are More Fun Than Reading Sarah Palin's Memoir" list ("#13: Driving Into a Tree"), she sniped "those aren't even funny." But she encouraged Letterman to continue mocking her — and help sell copies of her book, Going Rogue.

As for her own future in television, Palin tells Walters "I'd probably rather write than talk." But she has fielded "lots and lots of offers" — including a reality show. She nixed it. "Absolutely not!" I would never put our kids through such a thing. Our life has become a reality show!"

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