Powerball ‘Hookers and Cocaine’ Guy Is Actually Married With Two Kids!

Isaac Carranza

Someone’s in trouble! Isaac Carranza, a Nevada resident, became a viral sensation last week when a local Fox reporter asked him what he would do with his Powerball winnings, should he score the right numbers.

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At the time, Carranza replied that he would buy a “bunch of hookers and cocaine.”

Now TMZ has spoken with the man, who sadly did not win Wednesday night’s $1.6 billion jackpot. According to the site, he is actually married with two kids! The army veteran was joking in the video, and told TMZ that his wife wasn’t upset by the clip and understands his dark humor.

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Carranza bought $20 worth of Powerball tickets, but none were a match for the winning numbers. There were, however, three winners, in California, Florida and Tennessee. He told TMZ that if he really won, he had planned to use the money to help take care of his mother and improve his hometown of Salinas, California.

He also said he considered buying some weed. TMZ couldn’t tell if he was joking. 

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