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ProSource VP Kelly Conklin Details New Security Agency

ProSource VP Kelly Conklin Details New Security AgencyProSource VP Kelly Conklin Details New Security Agency
Kelly Conklin along with his son, Kelly Jr. Courtesy Kelly Conklin/Facebook

Vice President of ProSource Performance Products Kelly Conklin is back to fighting for the safety of others with his new security agency called Superior Protection Professionals.

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The retired Toms River police officer is aiming to help people feel safe again after a terrifying increase of horrific attacks and shooters in the United States at churches, synagogues, schools, movie theaters and more seemingly safe locations.

“Unfortunately, common targets of these shootings have been what are called ‘soft targets’ such as schools, places of worship, malls, office buildings and more. So, over the last couple years, my innate protective nature started stirring again. I felt I needed to do something to help people and hopefully prevent further tragedies,” Conklin told Men’s Journal. “I wanted to make sure if I was going to start my company, I was going to do it right. I wanted to deliver the very best product to our customers to ensure that in the event one of these shooters decides to target one of our locations, my guards, who are extremely well trained and highly capable professionals, are able to neutralize any threat that presents itself, therefore protecting many innocent lives. It’s all about keeping the good people safe from the bad people with the best possible personnel.”

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Conklin added that he’s “always had an innate passion for keeping good, innocent people safe from those with bad intentions.”

He explained, “I guess it’s just built into me. Now, we focus on various locations, but here’s one good example of how people think and how that way of thinking needs to change. I recently stopped by a school and the children, without hesitation, opened the unlocked door for me and directed me to the principal’s office. I told the kids that, ‘I’m a stranger to them so please go get an adult while I wait outside.’ Had I been someone intending to cause harm to those young children the result could have been catastrophic.”

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The officer noted that the kids at the school should have been taught not to open the door for strangers.

“The staff was not taught to keep entry doors secured! And, if there was a real shooter there was no one to stop the attack!” he said. “Now, had my company been tasked with securing that facility we would have had the students and staff educated on safety procedures, and had a guard on site to deter, or neutralize any threat.”

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