Ramona Singer: Aviva Drescher Was “Very Self-Absorbed” in St. Barths

Ramona Singer and Aviva Drescher in St. Barths.  Charles Trainor/Bravo

After Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan fought with Aviva Drescher in St. Barth's Monday on The Real Housewives of New York City, Singer, 55, blogs with Us Weekly about her side of their heated exchange.

Wow. What a trip! Where do I even start with Aviva . . .

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I really thought the night before I had calmed her down and smoothed everything over. When she walked into my room and started in on me I got angry. I still say this was a girls' trip. Why was Aviva insisting this was not a girls' trip just because a few boys stopped in?

Carole [Radziwill] is casually dating Russ and he was not living at the villa. Sonja and LuAnn [de Lesseps] are single, so they if they did have a man come over to visit, who cares? They did not have them move into the villa!

Aviva said she expected me to put up a banner welcoming her, are you kidding me? One minute she's angry at me for talking about her prosthetic leg, and the next she's angry because I'm not talking about or acknowledging her phobias. I can't win with her.

I snapped and told her to leave my room. We are on vacation and she's becoming a stick in the mud. She's draining all the happy energy out of everyone. There seems to be no reasoning with her.

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I once again tried to smooth things over with Aviva. We only had two days left and I really wanted us all to get along and enjoy ourselves. I calmly said to Aviva, 'Do what you want with Reid and do what you want with us. Jump in when you want, jump out when you want.' I didn't want her to ruin the last days.

Aviva just seemed to be very self-absorbed and it was all about her. By the end of the day Carole invited us all to go out, but the damage was done. It seemed as if Aviva got off on saying she and Reid were going out as a couple with Carole and Russ. Why couldn't Aviva say, 'Listen girls, let's all go out tonight and I want Reid and Russ to join.' We would have all said yes so quickly, as we wanted to put the "Aviva-rage" from yesterday as far away as possible. Instead, Aviva wants to separate us all. Carole is Miss Peace, Love, and Flower Power. She just goes with the flow of who ever is with her at the moment. She just wants everyone happy.

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The way Aviva spoke to Sonja was so uncalled for. She was so was insulting to me and Sonja. Aviva was making up stories and I thought Sonja handled it quite well. "Return to sender" was the funniest comment ever that Sonja told Aviva. Here we were worried about Reid being a problem at the villa, but he wasn't it, it was Aviva.

At Mayas for sunset cocktails, sitting next to Aviva was torture. Everyone was on eggshells around her. No one was enjoying themselves; we were all pretending everything was OK. I couldn't even sit at the table with Aviva for our last dinner. The last thing I wanted was to go to Russ' concert and be in Aviva's presence, so Sonja and I ditched them. When Carole came back to the villa, instead of telling the truth about leaving because I didn't want to be around Aviva, I made up a white lie that I had to pack. To be honest, I had more fun in my bedroom.

Sonja gets very emotional. She was so disappointed with Aviva's behavior and so was I. It was our last day. Last night it seemed as if Aviva ruined every moment of every day during our trip. The only time we all laughed together was when everyone jumped into the pool and I got pushed in by Heather [Thomson].

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