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Reddit Users Mock Woody Harrelson After Interview Fiasco

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Go ahead, ask Woody Harrelson anything…as long as it's about his current movie, Rampart.

The 50-year-old actor found himself under fire Friday after an Internet chat with fans via Reddit went haywire and fans denounced Harrelson's awkward, bland responses as "crap."

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Rather than go into detail about users' varied inquiries  — as is typically standard with the  AMA ("Ask Me Anything") format open to anyone visiting the site — Harrelson chose to supply non-detailed answers that almost always referred back to his new film.

Shooting down the first user who asked about an alleged one-night stand, Harrelson — who agreed to the online interview seemingly aware of its format — got defensive and told the forum's users he only wanted to "focus on the film."

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"You said AMA. That means "Ask Me Anything." Not "Ask Me Anything with regards to this movie I'm pushing," one user fired back.

"This isn't The Tonight Show and I'm not buying your bulls–t," sniped another fan who participated in the chat. "It was too bad you couldn't just open up to your fans with honest answers instead of peddling your latest movie. Oh well, I'll just assume some clueless PR person convinced you to do this (assuming this is even you)."

Though Harrelson said he continued to circle back to his film because he "consider[s] my time valuable," users vowed to boycott the flick after the 15-minute online fiasco.

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"You talking only about your new movie makes me not want to see it. Woody. Don't waste us redditors' time; do your research on Reddit first if you are going to do an Ask Me Anything," one chatter said.

Summed up another user rather bluntly: "This is the worst AMA in the history of the Internet."