Retta Gives Hilarious Interview to Seth Meyers: Loves Dad Dance Moves, Live-Tweeting

Truly unfo-retta-ble! Parks and Recreation star Retta stopped by Late Night on Tuesday, Oct. 7, and caught up with host Seth Meyers in a hilarious interview. 

During the chat, the actress and comedienne riffed on everything from Meyers’ dad’s impressive dance moves to her love of live-tweeting. 

Calling Retta the “Tweet Queen of Television,” Meyers asked the funnywoman how she got into the habit of tweeting up a storm while watching her favorite TV shows. 

“I have anxiety when I’m watching TV,” Retta explained. “I started watching Breaking Bad. I didn’t watch it when it aired, I watched it on DVD. I had so much anxiety that I started tweeting cause I felt like I had, at least, friends watching with me. People would say, ‘It’s okay! You’re gonna be okay!’ When those twins were on? Oh my god! The murderous assassins? I was so paranoid.”

Explaining that the Breaking Bad foray inspired her to “start tweeting all [her] shows,” Retta went on to add that she had a similarly stressful time watching the hit CBS drama The Good Wife

retta on seth meyers
Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

“Last season in The Good Wife when Will Gardner was killed… oh, sorry if I messed it up for y’all,” the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia guest star said. “[My followers] all knew that he was gonna die and I hadn’t seen it yet. I kept seeing tweets, at mentions to me, saying ‘Everybody get ready, Retta’s about to see it, Retta’s about to see it!’ I was anxious. I was like, ‘What am I about to see?'”

“As soon as I saw it and I lost my s–t, I was like, ‘Oh my god, what the hell just happened? I’m so angry,'” she continued. “I was on the verge of tears. People started tweeting to [Good Wife actor] Josh Charles, saying, ‘Please get to Retta. She needs your help.’ God bless, Josh [direct messaged] me and gave me his cell number and said ‘Call me.'”

The “treat yourself” proponent then dished on another interaction she had with two more folks in the celeb sphere — this time, Meyers’ parents. 

Retta met Hilary and Larry Meyers while attending a party their son threw for the 2014 Emmy Awards, which he hosted. “[I] see this older guy, white hair, with this older woman — I assumed they were married,” the NBC star explained. “This guy was dancing, and nothing makes me happier than a white man that can dance, and an older white man killing it… I didn’t know where he went, and then later on, you were coming up to say hi, and your brother was with you, and you said, ‘Oh, these are my parents!’ I was like, ‘Shut the f–k up!'”

Watch Retta discuss the Meyers and her tweeting in the video above!

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