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Rosamund Pike Talks Graphic Gone Girl Scene: There Were 36 Takes!

Rosamund Pike on the cover of Vanity Fair
Gone Girl's Rosamund Pike covered the February issue of Vanity Fair.

Imagine shooting a sex scene 36 times. Now imagine that in that scene you have to slit the man’s throat while having sex with him. That was Rosamund Pike’s task in the brutal and dark film adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel Gone Girl

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“I told them to rehearse it for three days," director David Fincher revealed to Vanity Fair in the February issue, "as we're pumping five gallons of blood out of Desi's throat."

The British actress, 35, covers the issue and opened up about her experience with Fincher and starring in Gone Girl. 

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In it she plays Amazing Amy Dunne, a girl who (spoiler alert) fakes her own murder and hides out at her obsessive ex-boyfriend Desi’s house. When Desi (Neil Patrick Harris) gets to be too controlling, Amy decides to kill him, making it look like self-defense to a rape. The scene is the most infamous in the entire film (unless you count the millisecond Ben Affleck’s penis is on the screen), and it is also the most graphic. 

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The intense sex-murder scene took a week of choreography, required 36 sheets on the bed, 450 gallons of fake blood, and 36 pairs of underpants. 

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"I feel like I've dealt with the Minotaur and now I'm facing the Medusa,” Pike said of working with Fincher and becoming a recognized face in Hollywood with Oscar buzz to boot. 

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