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Ryan Gosling Breaks Up a Fight in NYC!

Ryan Gosling to the rescue!

The 30-year-old actor saved the day Saturday. As captured in a video taken by Valeria Alvea, The Notebook star broke up a fight near New York City's Astor Place. 

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"There is a man who sells paintings [that] he makes on that corner," a witness Us Weekly. "This older man ran by him and tried to grab and run away with one of his paintings. The painter was able to stop him before he took off with him and tackled him to the ground." 

The two men got up and started arguing. "Before it got too violent a stranger appeared to separate them," adds the source. "[The stranger] was Ryan Gosling! He was trying to understand the situation while keeping them from hurting each other."

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Gosling took the two men "to the corner of the street, like a chaperone," says the witness. He had them explain the story, but things began to escalate again quickly. "Ryan put a stop to it, then he asked, 'How much is the painting?'"

PIC: Ryan goofs off

The painter told Gosling it was $10. "Ryan gave him a $20 and said, 'Does this cover what the man owes you?' The painter thanked him and said yes," says the witness. "Ryan said good, and continued on his way." 

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