Shark Tank’s Daymond John Opens Up About Thyroid Cancer Battle: ‘I Am Absolutely Fine’

Daymond John opened up about his battle with stage II thyroid cancer during a Facebook Live session on Friday, May 12, just two days after he revealed his diagnosis on Good Morning America.

“Let me tell you something. They caught everything, and I am fine,” the Shark Tank star, 48, said. “I am absolutely fine. I have to monitor my health like anything, like everybody, to see if any [cancer] comes back on the other side [of my thyroid].”

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Since being diagnosed last year, John has undergone treatment and had the cancer successfully removed. He went public with his diagnosis to raise awareness and stress the importance of early detection. “If you catch it early, in a lot of cases, you can survive and you will not go through any of the challenges that we see people go through,” John said.

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“I believe that the reason why I may have been put on this Earth is to talk about it,” the CEO of FUBU continued. “You know, I’ve helped a lot of people in entrepreneurship, a lot of people have helped me. I’ve inspired other people. But saving lives, nothing can compare. And if only today one of you go out there and you get a mammogram or something that gives you the ability to stay in your family’s life a little bit longer, it’s all worth it.”

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Toward the end of his Facebook Live chat, John gave shout-outs to several commenters who shared stories about their own battles with cancer. “I love everybody!” he said. “I will see you on Facebook, every place else, because you know what? I’m happy, I’m cancer-free because I checked it out early and I want you to do the same.”

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