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Starbucks Unveils Toasted Graham Latte, First New Fall Espresso Flavor in Four Years

Starbucks' Toasted Graham Latte
Starbucks unveiled the Toasted Graham Latte on Wednesday, Sept. 23, its first new fall flavor in four years -- get the delicious details here.

Break out the sweaters and boots, and hand Us a TGL!

Starbucks has unveiled the newest addition to its tasty menu, announcing the Toasted Graham Latte to Us Weekly on Wednesday, Sept. 23.

According to the coffee brand, the Toasted Graham Latte is its first new fall espresso drink in four years.

The frothy concoction is comprised of graham and sweet cream, mixed together with steamed milk and Starbucks' espresso. It's then topped with a mouth-watering cinnamon graham crumble.

Starbucks notes to Us that the Toasted Graham Latte will aptly be nicknamed the "TGL" — in likeness of its predecessor, the Pumpkin Spice Latte, which is referred to as the "PSL."

The brand's latest announcement intentionally coincides with the first day of autumn, and naturally, the TGL will be available to order on Sept. 23. According to Starbucks, fans can enjoy its aesthetic offerings, too: The coffee brand has rolled out its pretty fall-pattern paper cup and matching sleeve.

For those who don't want to wait in ridiculously long lines to taste the TGL? Just in time for fall, the caffeine-loving company has also debuted its brand-new Mobile Order & Pay feature. Loyal customers can now place and pay for their order in advance, and pick up their desired beverage at participating Starbucks locations. All they need to do is give their name to the barista once they arrive.

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