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Stevie Nicks: What’s In My Bag?

Stevie Nicks, 66 spills her carryall for Us
Better safe than sorry! Stevie Nicks, 66 spills her carryall for Us.Michael Pirrocco

Stevie Nicks is ready to go her own way. “I feel that if the plane goes down or I’m stuck on an island, all I’ll have is my purse,” quips the Fleetwood Mac songstress, 66, whose eighth solo studio album, 24 Karat Gold: Songs From the Vault, is out now. “So I always have any medicines I might need — and a Haim CD, just in case.” The music legend, who’s currently gracing the cover of Rolling Stone and touring with the reunited Fleetwood Mac, lets Us Weekly peek inside her Hayden-Harnett satchel — the only bag she owns! — And find out all about her old school flip phone, iPod, the hipster girl band she can’t live without and much, much more.

The Worn-In Look

“It’s a really beautiful leather bag that I bought about ten years ago. Everybody has forever been saying, ‘How come you don’t get a new bag?’ My answer is because I like this bag. I don’t really care about designer bags and I don’t have the energy to be switching bags all the time.”

If It Ain’t Broke…

“I’m super old-school. I have a red Nokia flip phone for emergencies. I call it the ‘fire phone’ because I had to be evacuated from the Latigo Canyon Fire in Malibu a few years back. I was alone and terrified, so I thought, okay, I need to get an emergency little cell. Otherwise, I’ll only talk on the phone if I’m near a landline and really have the time.”

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Naturally Smooth

“[Bandmate Christine McVie] gave me a tin of Surfer’s Salve from Maui. It’s great for your lips and cuticles. I also use a lysine balm, which helps undo damage from really drying lipsticks.”

Freshen Up

“I have about 10 packs of 5 Gum, the React flavor. I chew it whenever I come off stage for a break.”

stevie nicks on fallon


“Nothing compares to the old Polaroids, but I always have my Canon digital camera. It’s scratched to death! I have thousands and thousands of ridiculously unimportant selfies that I took while trying to learn to be a photographer. I might actually give in and get an iPhone, though. Not to use as a phone, I just need a better picture-taker.”

Comes Down to The Wire

“[Haim is] just my favorite. I’m just very enamored with their music and they’re very influenced by Fleetwood Mac. I think they’re going to be a big force in rock n’ roll. I think they’re one of the few bands that I have met that not even the tragedy of the music business and Internet piracy, I don’t think it’s going to stop them.”

Tough as Nails

“The best thing in the world is Poshé’s topcoat polish. If you use it as both a base and a topper, your manicure will last three weeks.”

Loose Change

“I don’t have a wallet! All I have a little phone book that looks like it belongs to a six-year-old. In it, my assistant sticks about $250 in case I ever get lost in the fray. I don’t drive, so I don’t have a driver’s license – just a passport. So I don’t even have anything to put in a wallet!”

Take Notes!

“I always have pens on hand, because I write everything down: songs, poems, everything.”


“I did my makeup my whole life up until I was 30. When you’re lucky enough to have a makeup artist you make her do it! It’s just easier — I have more important things to think about than doing my makeup! But, when I do, I stick to a palette of browns, golds and mauves, and mauvey pink lipsticks. Brand doesn’t really matter to me, as long as I see something I like — Chanel, Clinique, Lancome, Revlon.”

Oh La La

“I have wonderful new hand cream and lip gloss called Votre Vouz and it’s from Paris. The lotion smells really good and the little lip gloss is on the top — it’s like a whole little one-man show. It’s fantastic, but hard to find.”


“I have an older iPod, it’s a big black one. It always goes with me in the purse and it’s got thousands of mix tapes I’ve made on it — Drum rehearsal music, Fleetwood Mac rehearsal music…”

Never Goes Out of Style

“I’m the kind of person where my clothes I wear today are the exact same outfits I was wearing my second year into Fleetwood Mac. You know I’m going on stage in a black velvet riding jacket and black chiffon skirt and suede boots. I don’t change a lot!”

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