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Tamra Judge’s Daughter Sidney Calls Her “Abusive” After RHOC Reunion

Tamra Judge's Daughter Sidney Calls Her "Abusive" After RHOC Reunion
Tamra Judge's estranged daughter Sidney took to Facebook to rant about her mother's emotional breakdown on the RHOC reunion show.

Sh-t just got real. Tamra Judge’s estranged daughter Sidney went on a Facebook rant on Thursday, Oct. 22, following Judge’s emotional appearance on part one of the Real Housewives of Orange County’s reunion earlier this week — and she didn’t hold back.

The teen, who has lived with her father, Simon Barney, for the past two years, accused Judge of, among other things, being “embarrassing” and “mentally/verbally abusive.”

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“I watched the reunion show last night and I am disappointed,” she began her post. “I try not to talk about personal family matters with my friends, but I was made aware that my mother was talking about me and discussing our personal family matters on the show again. At this point I think it is necessary to tell the truth since she does not know how to tell the truth.”

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Sidney went on to explain that Judge is “not a mother” to her, and that though she has asked the reality star to “stop treating [her] badly, to stop doing embarrassing [things],” and to stop using her siblings and her as “story lines,” Judge has continued to put the show and fame before her family’s concerns.

“If she really wanted me back in her life, she would have taken responsibility and changed two years ago when I told [her] the first time what was causing our relationship to suffer,” Sidney added. “Obviously, I am just another story line that feeds her fame and her wallet.”

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On the part one of the reunion, which aired on Monday, Oct. 19, Judge sat down with her RHOC costars and broke down in tears as she spoke for the first time about her strained relationship with Sidney.

“I said, ‘We can work through these things, we can go to counseling,’” she told Bravo host Andy Cohen and the audience. “I had no idea, and for her to come and say that to me, it was like, where is this coming from? She basically left that day and two years later has not come back.”

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Judge and Barney were married for 11 years before he filed for divorce in 2010, and share two other daughters in addition to Sidney — Spencer and Sophia.

Barney responded to Judge’s emotional breakdown with a screenshot of a quote by author Gail Meyers on Facebook on Tuesday, Oct. 20.

“A narcissist’s weapon of choice is often verbal — slander, lies, playing the victim in flipped tales of who was the victim and who was the abuser, gossip, rage, verbal abuse and intentional infliction of emotional pain,” the quote reads. “It is a systematic dismantling of another person’s relationships, reputation, emotional, physical and spiritual health, life and very soul. This is why narcissists are so often called ‘emotional vampires.’”

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