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Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’s Ashley Jones Tweets About Suicidal Thoughts, Leaving Fiance Bariki Smith

Ashley Jones Suicide Fiance Bar Smith
Bariki Smith and Ashley Jones on ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant.’ MTV

Getting serious. Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Ashley Jones is speaking candidly about their state of mind and struggles.

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“This won’t be the story of the girl who folded under pressure. This will be the story of a woman, who held her head high through all the obstacles facing her and has come out stronger,” Jones, 20, tweeted on Wednesday, November 7. “But when I blow my f—king brains out, everyones gonna cry. Everyone’s gonna have wished me the best. Everyone’s gonna wanna put me on their shirt, come to my funeral. Nah, just keep that same energy. The energy that drew me to suicide in the first place.”

The MTV personality also opened up about her rocky romance with fiancé Bariki Smith, with whom she shares baby daughter Holly. “And sometimes I wonder if people wish to humiliate me and talk down to me so bad that I just say f—k it and end my whole life. Sometimes I think people won’t be happy until I leave bar and disappear,” she continued. “And sometimes I wonder if that would be the best option to stop all the drama. At some point, fighting the same battle gets exhausting. So I’ll gracefully bow out.”

Ashley Jones Suicide
Ashley Jones. MTV

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Smith’s mother, Shenandoah Williams, responded to Jones’ tweets via Facebook later on Wednesday. “Wow she is pure evil who plays with suicide smh I was truly worried and this is why i don’t believe anything nor would i ever trust her,” Williams wrote alongside screenshots of Jones’ remarks. “She has gone to a whole new level of low smh the little girl who cried wolf.”

Williams also claimed that Jones “1) ran to court with false accusations 2) ran to police for fake domestic violence 3) now fake suicide thoughts smh no one can better ever tell me I’m wrong this girl is pure evil and makes a mockery of people with real mental health women in real domestic violence. Well at least she is okay but holly won’t be if [someone] doesn’t step in Ashley is really dangerous.”

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Jones and Smith have showcased the highs and lows of their romance on their hit MTV show and have also feuded with Williams about their relationship.

If you or someone you know is in emotional distress or considering suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant airs on MTV Mondays at 10 p.m. ET.

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