‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ Premiere: Diving Into the New Relationships

Ashley and Bar teen mom
Ashley and Bar  MTV

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, MTV’s latest reality series, takes a look at the lives of five new young mothers and the very different journeys they went on to get to where they are today. From couples who have been together for years, from a pair that came together after she became pregnant by another man, here’s a break down of the premiere of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

Brianna and Danae Make It Work

Brianna, 17, was dating Danae for three years but after he cheated, they broke up for a few months and she got pregnant by someone else. However, she and Danae got back together afterward and he agreed to raise the baby with her — the biological dad didn’t want to be involved. Danae is a transgender man, which Brianna didn’t know when she met him but when she found out, it didn’t matter.

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They two are crazy about each other and Danae couldn’t be more supportive. When they also learn that her son will be born without an arm, Danae feels connected to him and reassures Brianna that he’ll always let their son know that he is loved and special. Danae moves to live closer to Brianna but her mom isn’t ready for him to move in just yet.

Can Jade’s Mother Step Up?

Jade teen mom
Jade MTV

For Jade, 21, and boyfriend, Shawn, their biggest hurtle is their parents. Ever since they got pregnant, their relationship had been getting more and more rocky — he works all day and plays video games all night — so they are really depending on her parents to help when the baby arrives. However, her mom has been in and out of jail and rehab so Shawn doesn’t exactly trust her to be with the baby alone. After Jade reassures him her mom can handle it, her dad gets fired from his job for failing a drug test … so she can’t really be sure her mother is clean.

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Ashley vs. Bar’s Mother

Ashley, 20,and her boyfriend, Bar, have been dating since 2016. They were living the partying life in Las Vegas and she was dancing for money. When they got pregnant, they moved in with her mom in California. While her mom seemed to like Bar, Bar’s mother and Ashley do not get along. After Bar’s mom threatens Ashley online, she flips out when Ashley refuses to give their daughter her middle name.

At first, Bar stands up for his girlfriend but ultimately, is put in the middle — he doesn’t want Ashley talking badly about his mother, either. This results in two separate full-on steaming matches between Bar, Ashley and eventually, Ashley’s mother. It ends with Ashley in tears and Bar storming out.

Is Forgiveness Possible?

Kayla, 18, and boyfriend Stephan have been together for three years but he has cheated multiple times in the past. At 27 weeks pregnant, she finds out, via Snapchat, he cheated again. He says it was a mistake and that he refuses to let their son grow up without him. “I hope that we can work it out but I don’t want to force it, either, “ Kayla tells him. Later, they agree that while they have issues in their relationship, they are not going to see other people and are going to work on moving forward together. However, he doesn’t seem thrilled about that decision.

Facing Your Critics

Lexi teen mom
Lexi MTV

Lexi, 17, was co-captain of the cheerleading team when she found out that she was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend. They had broken up before she found out she was pregnant, but she had hoped they’d get back together. At 29 weeks pregnant, she struggles in high school, feeling like everyone wants her off the squad because she’s pregnant.

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She cheers in her first game since getting the news and is terrified of what people would think. Luckily, her ex, Kyler, sat in the stands for moral support. During the game, she feels like everyone was staring, but gets reassurance from her family that none of that matters. She’s also torn about what Kyler wants — sometimes he acts like her boyfriend, sometimes he’s not interested.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant airs on MTV Mondays at 10 p.m. ET.

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