The Bachelor Season 19, Episode 4 Recap: One Girl Gets the Cinderella Treatment, While the Rest Get Down and Dirty

The Bachelor
On the fourth episode of Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor, the women ruin some wedding dresses in the name of charity ABC/David Moir

This week on season 19 of The Bachelor, Chris Soules seems to have finally weeded out the crazies, while some of the remaining bachelorettes are questioning the charming farmer’s intentions. Despite the presence of his three sisters, the Bachelor partook in some skinny dipping and tent canoodling, continuing his current tenure as the makeout king of ABC.

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First Group Date: You Take the Mallow… 

The ladies have dwindled to 14 — that means everyone gets to participate in the dates this week. First up? Megan, Kaitlyn, both Ashleys, Juelia, Samantha, Mackenzie, and Kelsey are invited to “do what feels natural.” As the women canoodle with Chris among the murky water during a lake trip, Kaitlyn and Ashley I. partake in some public nudity, much to the disgust of Kelsey — who is having, seemingly, the worst day of her life.

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“This is a date made for bimbos,” she mutters, eyes rolled deep into the back of her head. “There are moments when I feel like taking a fork and stabbing it in my eye.” Her sourpuss demeanor doesn’t go unnoticed by the girls — maybe just by adorably clueless Chris.

When their day at the lake is extended into an overnight camping trip, s’mores and all, Kelsey’s pout quickly turns into a giggle whenever Prince Farming comes around. 

Meanwhile, Ashley S. is up to her strange, borderline-alarming antics. The “whiskey is flowing” and she’s performing some sort of gibberish musical dance. She later asks Chris “what are you?” before proclaiming her love for him.

While it’s quick-witted Kaitlyn who takes home the rose, Ashley I. is the one that sneaks into Chris’ tent later that night. Her awkward attempt to tell him that her virginity is still in tact falls a little short of goal.

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The Bachelor dinner date
Chris and Jade enjoy a Cinderella-themed one-on-one date. ABC/Rick Rowell

One-on-One Date: A Cinderella Story

While eight of the bachelorettes are enjoying the great outdoors, the remaining seven (Carly, Jade, Britt, Whitney, Nikki, Jillian, and Becca) have some face time with Chris’ three sisters. The visiting Iowans will choose the girl who receives this week’s one-on-one date.

“I’m a little intimidated that there’s three… that seems like a lot of people to win over,” says Britt, who later tells the Soules women she’s the “frontrunner.” It’s cosmetics developer Jade that wins over the sisters, however, and wins a date fit for a princess (literally – it’s product placement for Disney’s Cinderella on overdrive).

With an invite to the “royal ball,” Jade gets a makeover by her own style team — complete with Louboutins and Neil Lane diamonds. “It honestly physically pains me,” Ashley I. whines as Jade gets pampered, and then parades around in the “princess dress” she bought for a special date.

Jade is whisked away to a glamorous dinner date where she finally opens up, revealing that she was once engaged, much like Chris. “Jade is the girl next door, just this cute perfect girl,” says Chris. The date ends with a full orchestra and Chris showing off his surprising waltz skills. Jade makes it home before the clock strikes midnight, rose in hand.

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Second Group Date: Down and Dirty

The Bachelor mud jump
Chris Soules and Carly participate in MuckFest MS in San Francisco during the second group date. ABC/David Moir

Nikki, Jillian, Whitney, Carly, Britt, and Becca might not have the man yet — but they’ve got the gowns. For their group date, the remaining bachelorettes are provided crisp, white wedding dresses — but they won’t be walking down the aisle. After flying to San Francisco, the women get down and dirty with MuckFest MS — a mud and obstacle run benefiting MS. Jillian, unsurprisingly, smokes the other women and wins a one-on-one date with Chris — but that’s where her victories end.

Their dinner date leaves Chris tuned out and dreaming of unicorns (seriously), and he sends Jillian home.

The Cocktail Party and the Rose Ceremony: Mislaid Intentions

 Ashley I. decides to clear up any misconceptions with Chris and breaks the big news — her virginity! While Chris respects her honesty, Ashley spirals out — immediately regretting the decision when she doesn’t receive a kiss. It turns out Ashley’s not alone, however — Becca makes for two virgins in the Bachelor mansion! It’s “frontrunner” Britt, however, that puts Chris in the hot seat. After hearing about the events of the campout, she questions “why those actions and behaviors are being validated?” Chris is clearly ruffled that Britt has doubts about his integrity, and tells the bachelorettes that if they doubt his intentions, they’re free to leave.

Whitney, Carly, Megan, Samantha, Mackenzie, Kelsey, Becca, Ashley I., and Britt receive roses, while Juelia, Nikki, and Ashley S. get sent home.

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